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Different or distinct from that already mentioned, additional or further. Ordinarily, the term is used in the context of a class of things and has to be read ejusdem generis

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Acceptance, Accommodation, Accord And Satisfaction, Accretion, Accusation, Acquiescence, Estoppel by Acquiescence, Adequate Notice, Administrative Agency, Aeronaut, Affidavit Of Service, Affinity, Agency By Estoppel, Agency, Agent, Alibi, Alienation Of Affection, All Fours, Allegation, Alter Ego, Alternative, Alternative Pleadings, Ancillary, Annuity, Appeal, Appurtenance, Architect, Arm’s Length, Arrest, Arson, Assignment Of Contract, Attempt, Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, Autrefois Acquit, Bailee, Bailment, Ballast, Bargaining Unit, Benefice, Best Evidence, Betting, , Bodily Heirs, Born Out Of Wedlock, Bottomry Bond, Broker, Cannabis, Canon, Capacity, Capita, Per, Capital Stock, Carat, Carrier, Cash Asset, Chain Of Title, Challenge, Champerty, Chancellor, Charitable, Charter, Chattel Mortgage, Chirograph, Circumstantial Evidence, Citation, Civil Contempt, Class Action, , Co-insurance, Cohabit, , Collusion, Commerce, Common Enterprise, Communicate, Community, Compete, Competition, Composition, , Condition Subsequent, Condominium, Condonation, Conglomerate, Conglomerate Merger, Conjuration, Consecutive, Consideration, Constructive Fraud, Constructive Total Loss, Contemporaneous, Contempt Of Court, Contentious Jurisdiction, Contest, Contract, Contract Of Adhesion, Contribution, Contributory Negligence, Convey, Conveyance, Costs, Court, Covenant, Covenant Not To Sue, Covenant Personal, Credit, Cross, Cumulative, Custody, Custom, Cy-prés, D.B.A., Damages, Debenture, Declaratory Judgment, Defense, , Delivery, Demurrer, Dependency, Deprivation, Derelict, Dereliction, Descent, Desertion, Deter, Direct Evidence, , Disfranchise, Disparagement, Disposal, Dispose, Dispute, Disseisin, District, Diversity Of Citizenship, Divisible, , Drainage, Duplicate, Duress, Earmark, Eavesdropping, Ejectment, Electric Utility Company, Elisor, Embracery, Employer, Engagement, Enrolled Bill Rule, Entire Contract, Equal And Uniform Rule Of Taxation, Equal Protection Of The Laws, Equitable Lien, Equitable Mortgage, Equivalent, Equivocation, Escrow, Essence, Estate Of Inheritance, Estates Pur Autre Vie, Estoppel, Exchange, Executive Department, Executor, Exemplary Damages, Explosives, Expropriation, Extended-area Service, F.o.b., Facility, Fair Market Value, False Imprisonment, Fiduciary, Final Judgment, Finding Of Fact, Firearm, First Right Of Refusal, Forcible Entry, Foreman, Forensic Medicine, Forfeiture, Fraud, Fraud In Execution, Fraudulent Preference, Further And Other Relief, Gaming, Garage, Gavelkind, General Damages, General Demurrer, Goods, Gratuitous, Guardian, Hay-bote, Hearsay Evidence, Hedging, Highway, Holder In Due Course, Homestead, Household, Illegitimate, Illegitimate Children, Illinois Rule, Implied Malice, Incendiary, Inconsistent, Indemnity, Indenture, Independent Advice, Indignity, Indirect Contempt, Indirect Tax, Indorsement, Informant, Inheritance Tax, , Inquest, Inscription, Insolvency, Insolvent, Insurance, Inter Alia, Interest, Interinsurance, International Law, Interpretation, Interrogatories, Intersection, Investment Contract, Invitee, Isolated Sale, Isolated Transaction, Issue, Jetty, John Doe, Joinder Of Causes Of Actions, Joinder Of Issue, Joint Contract, Joint Enterprise, Joint Resolution, Joint Tenancy, Joint Tortfeasors, Journeyman, Judgment, Judgment In Personam, Judgment Lien, Judicial Lien, Jurisdiction Of The Person, Justiciability, Labor Agreement, Laborer, Laches, , Landlocked, Larceny, Lateral Support, Law Lords, Law Of The Case, Lease, Legacy, Letters Of Administration, Liability, Libel, Life Estate, Limited Admissibility, Limited Partnership, Lobbyist, Lodging House, Lottery, , Major And Minor Fault Rule, Malicious Abuse Of Process, Manor, Manual Labor, Margin, Marina, Marine Insurance, Master And Servant, Material Evidence, Means Of Support, Mechanic’s Lien, Member Of Household, Mental Competency, Mercantile Agency, Merger, Military Law, , , Mittimus, Money, Monomania, Monopoly, Monument, Moonshine, Moral Law, , Multiple Listing, Muster-roll, Mutual Account, Mutual Wills, Mutuality, Mutuality Of Estoppel, Narcotics, Nation, Navigation, Necessary Parties, Negotiable Instrument, No Par Value, Non-belligerency, Non-branded Independent Market, Notary, , Notice Of Dishonor, Notice Of Motion, Nuisance, Object, Objection, Offense, Offer, Open Contract, Oppression, Option, Order, Overreach, Pairing, Papal Bull, Parish, , Pasture, Patrimony, , Payment, Per Capita, Per Stirpes, Period, Periodical, Person, Personal Action, Picket, Pickpocket, Place, Plaint, , Policy Of Insurance, , Possession, Post Office, Pound, Power, Practise, Preference Share, Premises, Prerogative, Presumption, Presumption Of Survivorship, Price, Prima Facie Case, Prime Minister, Priority, Private Company, Private Corporation, Probation, Procedure, Proceeding, Procuration, Production, Property, Propound, Prospectus, Protest, Public Lands, Purchase, Purchaser, Queen’s Bench, Queen’s Counsel, Quorum, Racketeering, Range, Real Action, Real Estate Broker, Real Property, Recapitalization, Receiver, Recent Possession, Reciprocal Dealing, Reciprocal Wills, Reciprocity, Recognisance, Recrimination, Rectory, Reformation Of Contract, Regrating, Remainder, Representative Action, Reprimand, Reprisal, Repugnancy, Rescind, Residuary Clause, Residuary Legacy, Restricted Allotment, Restrictive Covenants, Retainer, Retaining Lien, Return, Revenue, Revenue Bill, , Riparian, River, , Ruling, Salary, Sale Of Goods, Satisfaction, Scrip, , Search, Search Warrant, Seaworthiness, , Secured Party, Securities, Security, Seisin, Seisin, Livery Of, Selective Taxes, Self-incrimination, Separate Estate, Separation Agreement, Servant, Service, Set-off, Sever, Several, Sheriff, Sheriff Sale, Signatory, Silverplatter Doctrine, Simple Larceny, Simultaneous Death, Skip-tracing Agency, Small Claims Court, Special Administrator, Special Indorsement, Special Interest, Stale, State, Statutory Bond, Stock Exchange, Subpoena, Substituted Service, Supervisor, Survivorship, , Tales, Talesman, Tally, Talley, , Teamster, Tenant, Tender, , Theft, , Tithes, Trading Stamps, Treasure Trove.






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