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Meaning of Return

In a general sense, to bring back or restore. product , yield , income , realization, receipts, as in the phrase return on investments. In relation to court process , a return of a writ is a statement in writing made by a sheriff or other ministerial officer to the court under his official oath of what has been done touching the execution of the writ.

Return Alternative Definition

Of Writs or Process. The redelivery of a writ or process by the officer charged with its execution to the court from which it issued, with an account of the manner in which he has executed it. The account indorsed on or affixed to process or writs by the officer, stating the manner of its execution. To Writs. The answer made by one to whom an alternative writ, (as of habeas corpus or quo warranto) is directed. On Appeal or Error. The papers or record transmitted from the lower to the appellate court.

Financial Definition of Return

The change in the value of a portfolio over an evaluation period, including any distributions made from the portfolio during that period.

Synonyms of Return

(Go back), verb

  • backslide
  • come again
  • come back
  • double back
  • reappear
  • rebound
  • recidivate
  • redire
  • reenter
  • reestablish
  • relapse
  • resume
  • retrace one’s steps
  • retreat
  • retrograde
  • reverse direction
  • revert
  • reverti
  • revisit

(Refund), verb

  • compensate
  • give back
  • indemnify
  • make compensation
  • make good
  • make reparation
  • make restitution
  • pay back
  • reddere
  • reimburse
  • repay
  • restore
  • satisfy
  • settle

(Respond), verb

  • acknowledge
  • answer
  • answer back
  • counter
  • countercharge
  • exchange
  • field questions
  • give an answer
  • interchange
  • make a rebuttal
  • make a rejoinder
  • make acknowledgment
  • react
  • rebut
  • reciprocate
  • recriminate
  • rejoin
  • reply
  • respondere
  • retaliate
  • retort
  • riposte
  • say in reply
  • surrebut
  • surrejoin

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English Spanish Translation of Return

Retorno (de la inversión)

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  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Police
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Further Reading

Return Definition (in the Accounting Vocabulary)

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants offers the following definition of Return in a way that is easy for anybody to understand: PROFIT on a securities or capital INVESTMENT, usually expressed as an annual percentage rate.

Meaning of Return in the U.S. Legal System

Definition of Return published by the National Association for Court Management: A report to a judge by police on the implementation of an arrest or search warrant. Also, a report to a judge in reply to a subpoena, civil or criminal.

Return in Voting Law

Definition of Return in the context of the United States election law: Declaration by a returning officer of a candidate or party in an election as being the winner, according to the electoral law.

Return in Voting Law

Definition of Return in the context of the United States election law: Declaration by a returning officer of a candidate or party in an election as being the winner, according to the electoral law.




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