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An endeavour or effort to commit a crime . Mere preparation for or the intention to commit the crime does not constitute attempt. The term indicates that the culprit had actually commenced the transaction which, if uninterrupted, would have proceeded to its completion, and when completed would have been an offense . See state v Stewart, 537 S. W.2d 579. In civil and matters other than criminal , the term indicates the endeavour to do an act that falls short of full execution .

Attempt Alternative Definition

In criminal law. An endeavor to accomplish a crime carried beyond mere preparation for it, but falling short of the ultimate design. 5 Cush. (Mass.) 367. The elements are (1) intent to commit a crime; (2) an affirmative act in pursuance of that intent, but falling short of the crime intended. 1 Bish. Crim. Law, § 510. Such act need not be “the last proximate act to the consummation of the crime in contemplation, but it is sufficient if it be an act apparently adapted to produce the result intended. It must be more than mere preparation.” 86 Va. 382.

Synonyms of Attempt


  • aim at
  • assay
  • be at work
  • be in action
  • bid for
  • carry on
  • conari
  • do one’s best
  • do the needful
  • drive at
  • employ oneself
  • endeavor
  • essay
  • exert oneself
  • go after
  • go all out for
  • intend
  • labor for
  • make a bid
  • make a try
  • make an effort at
  • make the effort
  • ply one’s task
  • pursue
  • put to
  • strive
  • take on
  • temptare
  • test
  • try
  • try hard
  • try one’s best
  • undertake
  • use one’s best endeavors
  • venture
  • Associated Concepts: attempt to commit a crime
  • attempt to defraud
  • attempt to prove
  • conspiracy
  • failure of intended act
  • preparatory acts
  • renunciation FOREIGN PHRASES: Affectus punitur licet non sequatur effectus
  • The intention is punished although the intended result does not follow
  • Non officit conatus nisi sequatur effectus
  • An attempt does not harm unless a consequence follows
  • In maleficiis voluntas spectatur
  • non exitus
  • In criminal offenses
  • the intention and not the result must be regarded
  • Officit conatus si effectus sequatur
  • The attempt becomes of consequence
  • if the effect follows

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    (in criminal law)

    Any act that is more than merely preparatory to the intended commission of a crime; this act is itself a crime. For example, shooting at someone but missing could be attempted murder, but merely buying a revolver would not. One may be guilty of attempting to commit a crime that proves impossible to commit (e.g. attempted theft from an empty handbag).


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