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An offer of the amount of a debt by the debtor to the creditor . To constitute a valid tender, the amount of money must be actually produced and seen, except where the party to whom tender is made has, by his conduct , relieved the debtor from the necessity for producing same. The offer must also be unconditional. If the debtor, after the tender, continues to be ready to pay, but is sued for the amount of the money by the creditor, he is relieved from liability for the non- payment such as the costs of the suit but the debt is not discharged. If he pays the money into court and pleads tender before action , he will be entitled to his costs of the action. In relation to mutual and concurrent promises, the term denotes a readiness and willingness, accompanied with an ability on the part of one of the parties to do the acts which the agreement requires that party to perform, provided the other will concurrently do the things which that other is required by it to do, and a notice by the one to the other of such readiness. See Clark v Weis, 87 111. 438.

Tender Alternative Definition

(Lat. tender e, to extend, to offer). An offer to deliver something, made in pursuance of some contract or obligation, under such circumstances as to require no further act from the party making it to complete the transfer. As applied to cases of mutual and concurrent promises, means readiness to perform, provided the other party is ready and willing to perform. 143 111. 502. To constitute a valid tender, there must be an actual production (46 Barb. [N. Y.] 227), at the time (90 N. Y. 442) and place (6 Barb. [N. Y.] 258) where the obligation was due, of the full amount (41 Vt. 66), in current funds (34 N. Y. 649) by the person who is under obligation, or his agent (11 Ga. 570), and an offer to the creditor or his agent (46 Barb. [N. Y.] 227) absolutely and without condition, to which the creditor may rightfully object (39 N. Y. 481), of the exact amount due, but tender of an excessive amount is good if no change is asked in return (25 Ind. 261), and the tender must be kept good by continued readiness to pay or deliver the amount or property tendered (24 Vt. 536; 86 111. 431).

Financial Definition of Tender

To offer for delivery against futures.

Synonyms of Tender


  • advance
  • deferre
  • deliver
  • extend
  • furnish
  • give
  • grant
  • hold out
  • issue
  • lay before
  • offer
  • pay
  • present
  • present for payment
  • proffer
  • propose
  • put forward
  • render
  • submit
  • urge upon
  • volunteer
  • Associated Concepts: tender payment
  • tender performance
  • FOREIGN PHRASES: Reprobata pecurtia liberat solventem
  • Money refused releases the debtor

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1, v. When either side traverses or denies the facts pleaded by his antagonist he is said to “tender an issue”. 2 Bl. Com. 318. 2, n. A formal offer; a proffer which binds him who refuses it.

Note: This legal definition of Tender in the Dictionary of Law (English and American Jurisprudence) is from 1893.

English Spanish Translation of Tender

To make a tender offer: hacer una oferta de licitación (licitar). To tender: Licitar.

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Etimology of Tender

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formal offer for acceptance, 1540s, from tender (verb). Specific sense of “money offered as payment” is from 1740, in legal tender “currency which by law must be accepted from a debtor” (see legal).


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    Further Reading

    Concept of Tender in the context of Real Property

    A short definition of Tender: The offer of money or performance in connection with a contract. If unjustifiably refused, places the party who refuses in default and gives rise to an action for breach of contract.

    Concept of Tender in the context of Real Property

    A short definition of Tender: The offer of money or performance in connection with a contract. If unjustifiably refused, places the party who refuses in default and gives rise to an action for breach of contract.



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