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In broadest sense any judicial inquiry implying an examination or trial of an issue of fact. In restrictive meaning, indicates a body of men appointed by law to inquire concerning certain matters submitted to them. The primary purpose of an inquest so called is to conduct an investigation in order to ascertain whether a crime has been committed. while the term may be used in relation to other types of inquiries, it is largely confined to inquiring into and determining the manner in which a deceased came to his death and if the death be occasioned by criminal means , who is guilty thereof. At common law there was also a type of inquest known as inquest of office . Any alien , at common law, could not acquire real property but if he did so, in order to ascertain whether or not he was an alien, the public officer held an inquest at the instance of the government . For a history of inquest of office see Atlantic & P. R. Co. v Mingus, 165 U.S. 413, 17 S.Ct. 348, 41 L.Ed. 770.

Synonyms of Inquest


  • determination of damages
  • examination
  • hearing
  • inquiry
  • interrogation
  • investigation
  • judicial inquiry
  • legal investigation
  • quaestio
  • quest
  • questioning
  • review
  • search
  • search into facts
  • Associated Concepts: assessment of damages
  • civil inquest
  • coroner’s inquest

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Etimology of Inquest

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late 13c., enquest, an-queste “legal or judicial inquiry,” especially one before a jury, from Old French enqueste “inquiry” (Modern French enquête), from Vulgar Latin *inquaestia (source also of Italian inchiesta), from Latin inquisita (res) “(a thing) looked into; an inquiry,” from femenine past participle of Latin inquirere “to seek after, search for” (see inquire). The form with in- prevailed from 18c.


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