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An obligation is said to be several when it is not joint and can be enforced independently of each other . where an obligation is several, that is, where more than one person has undertaken to perform or comply with an obligation, then if one of them performs the same, he may or may not be entitled to contribution and indemnity from the other obligors. whereas if the obligation was joint, such a person is entitled to contribution and indemnity from the other joint obligors. A tenancy is said to be several where the share of each tenant is an ascertained part of the whole although undivided. This is to be contrasted with joint tenancy where each tenant is entitled to the whole and upon severance to a share. See joint and several ; Joint tenancy.

Several Alternative Definition

Separate; distinct. A several agreement or covenant is one entered into by two or more persons separately, each binding himself for the whole; a several action is one in which two or more persons are separately charged; a several inheritance is one conveyed so as to descend or come to two persons separately by moieties. “Several” is usually opposed to “joint.”

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early 15c., “existing apart,” from Anglo-French several, from Middle French seperalis “separate,” from Medieval Latin separalis, from Latin separ “separate, different,” back-formation from separare “to separate” (see separate (verb)). Meaning “various, diverse, different” is attested from c. 1500; that of “more than one” is from 1530s, originally in legal use. Here we are all, by day; by night we’re hurled By dreams, each one into a several world [Herrick, 1648] Related: Severalty. Jocular ordinal form severalth attested from 1902 in American English dialect (see -th (2)).


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