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Meaning of Charitable

Having the character or purpose of a charity. A charitable institution is one organized for the promotion of some public object , such as relief of aged and infirm persons or an institution for the care of children, on philanthropic principles and not for the purpose of gain or profit . As used in federal law authorizing deductions of charitable bequests in determining estate tax, the term means directed to or proceeding from charity. Eagan v C.I.R., (C.A.5) 43 F.2d 881. Promoting welfare of mankind at large , or of community , or of some class forming part of it indefinite as to numbers and individuals. Lynch v Spelman, 62 Cal. Rptr. 12, 431 P.2d 636. Gifts for religious purposes are also charitable gifts. In order for a gift or a trust to be characterized as charitable it must be for the benefit of an indefinite number or unascertained persons. All charity in its legal sense comprises of four principal divisions: trusts for the relief of poverty; trusts for the advancement of education; trusts for the advancement of religion ; and trusts for other purposes beneficial to the community, not falling under any of the preceding heads.

Synonyms of Charitable

(Benevolent), adjective

  • almsgiving
  • altruistic
  • beneficent
  • beneficus
  • benignus
  • bounteous
  • eleemosynary
  • freehanded
  • generous
  • giving
  • gracious
  • greathearted
  • liberal
  • magnanimous
  • munificent
  • openhanded
  • philanthropic
  • princely
  • unselfish
  • unsparing
  • unstinting

(Lenient), adjective

  • accommodating
  • acquiescent
  • beneficent
  • benevolent
  • benign
  • benignant
  • clement
  • compliant
  • condoning
  • considerate
  • empathetic
  • exorable
  • forbearing
  • forgiving
  • free from vindictiveness
  • gracious
  • helpful
  • humane
  • humanitarian
  • kind
  • kindhearted
  • liberal
  • liberalis
  • merciful
  • obliging
  • patient
  • permitting
  • sensitive
  • soft
  • softhearted
  • sympathetic
  • sympathizing
  • temperate
  • tolerant
  • understanding
  • warm
  • yielding

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