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Meaning of Premises

In strict technical sense, the term as applied to a deed means all the foreparts of the deed preceding the habendum and includes the date of the instrument , the parties to the same, the preliminary recitals , the consideration and the grant , release or other operative portion of the deed. In popular sense, premises is used to denote the ground immediately surrounding a house and may include the house itself, a building , a room, or a place .

Premises Alternative Definition

(Lat. prae, before, mittere, to put, to send). That which is put before; the introduction; statements previously made. See 1 East, 456. Premium tRES In Conveyancing. That part of a deed which precedes the habendum, in which are set forth the names of the parties, with their titles and additions, and in which are recited such deeds, agreements, or matters of fact as are necessary to explain the reasons upon which the contract then entered into is founded; and it is here, also, the consideration on which it is made is set down, and the certainty of the thing granted. 2 Bl. Comm. 298; 8 Mass. 174; 6 Conn. 289. In Equity Pleading. The stating part of a bill. It contains a narrative of the facts and circumstances of the plaintiff’s case, and the wrongs of which he complains, and the names of the persons by whom done, and against whom he seeks redress. Cooper, Eq. PL 9; Bart. Suit in Eq. 27; Mitf. Eq. PL (Jeremy Ed.) 43; Story, Eq. PL § 27. Every material fact to which the plaintiff intends to offer evidence must be stated in the premises; otherwise, he will not be permitted to offer or require evidence of such fact. 1 Brown, Ch. 94; 3 Swanst. 472; 3 P. Wms. 276; 2 Atk. 96; 1 Vern. 483; 11 Ves. 240; 2 Hare, 264; 6 Johns. (N. Y.) 565; 9 Ga. 148. In Estates. Lands and tenements. 1 East, 453; 3 Maule & S. 169.

Synonyms of Premises

(Buildings), noun

  • aedificium
  • bounds
  • domiciles
  • domus
  • dwellings
  • edifices
  • grounds
  • homes
  • house with the grounds belonging to it
  • land
  • limits
  • lodgings
  • piece ofland
  • place
  • property
  • quarters
  • real estate
  • residences
  • structures
  • tract of land
  • Associated Concepts: premises liability

(Hypotheses), noun

  • affirmations
  • assertions
  • assumed positions
  • axioms
  • bases
  • foundations
  • grounds
  • positions
  • postulates
  • principia
  • terms
  • theorems
  • theses

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The grounds and facilities of an embassy. preventive diplomacy: based on un experience, it is early diplomatic intervention to avoid an escalating crisis.

The grounds and facilities of an embassy. preventive diplomacy: based on un experience, it is early diplomatic intervention to avoid an escalating crisis.






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