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Meaning of Cumulative

The term denotes that two things are to be added together; additional. Thus sentences imposed by a court are said to be cumulative when they are not concurrent but are to run one after the other . Similarly, remedies are said to be cumulative when they are not mutually exclusive but are all available to a party .

Synonyms of Cumulative

(Increasing), adjective

  • accruing
  • accumulative
  • added together
  • additional
  • additive
  • additory
  • advancing
  • becoming greater
  • becoming larger
  • broadening
  • continually increasing
  • enlarging
  • everwidening
  • expanding
  • flourishing
  • growing
  • growing by successive additions
  • incremental
  • lengthening
  • multiplying
  • on the increase
  • piling up
  • strengthening
  • successively gaining in force
  • successively waxing in force
  • swelling
  • thriving
  • widening
  • Associated Concepts: cumulative criminal acts
  • cumulative sentences
  • cumulative voting

(Intensifying), adjective

  • accelerating
  • aggravative
  • amplifying
  • augmentative
  • becoming more intense
  • boosting
  • concentrating
  • deepening
  • enhancing
  • escalating
  • exaggerating
  • extending
  • heightening
  • intensive
  • magnifying
  • maximizing
  • multiplying
  • quickening
  • sharpening
  • strengthening

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