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Meaning of Defense

Denial by the defendant of the trutl or validity of the plaintiffs complaint . Thi reason given by the defendant, respondent prisoner or other person against whom i proceeding is brought , tending to show tha there is no case against him. The right possessed by a defendant, aris ing from a fact alleged in his pleading , whic! defeats the plaintiffs cause of action a claim for remedy demanded by his action See Eagle Savings & Loan association West, 50 N.E.2d352, 71 Ohio App. 485.

Defense Alternative Definition

In Torts. A forcible resistance of an attack by force. See “Self-Defense.” In Pleading and Practice. The denial of the truth or validity of the complaint. A general assertion that the plaintiff has no ground of action, which is afterwards extended and maintained in the plea. 3 Sharswood, Bl. Comm. 296; Co. Litt. 127. In this sense it is similar to the contestatio litis of the civilians, and does not include justification. In a more general sense it denotes the means by which the defendant prevents the success of the plaintiff’s action, or, in criminal practice, the indictment. The word is commonly used in this sense in modem practice. Half defense was that which was made by the form “defends the force and injury, and says,” defendit’ vim et injuriam, et dicit.

Synonyms of Defense


  • confutation
  • counterargument
  • espousal
  • justification
  • parry
  • preservation
  • protection
  • rebuttal
  • resistance against attack
  • support
  • warding off Associated Concepts: affirmative defense
  • alibi defense
  • anticipating a defense
  • assist in his own defense
  • coercion as a defense
  • complete defense
  • defense of a third person
  • defense of action
  • defense of estoppel
  • defense of insanity
  • defense on the merits
  • defensive pleading
  • equitable defense
  • frivolous defense
  • round of defense
  • incomplete defense
  • inconsistent efenses
  • legal defenses
  • meritorious defense
  • motion to strike defense
  • negative defense
  • new defense
  • partial defense
  • personal defense
  • selfdefense
  • sham defense
  • special defenseforeign phrases: Peccatum peccato addit qui culpae quam facit patrocinium defensionis adjungit
  • He adds one offense to another who connects a wrong which he has committed with his defense
  • Vani timoris justa excusatio non est
  • A frivolous fear is not a lawful excuse
  • Nemo prohibetur pluribus defensionibus uti
  • No one is prohibited from making use of several defenses
  • Impotentia excusat legem
  • Performing a legal duty excuses from the performance
  • Quodcunque aliquis ob tutelam corporis suifecerit
  • jure idfecisse videtur
  • Whatever any one does in defense of his person
  • that he is deemed to have done legally
  • Vim vi repellere licit
  • modo fiat moderamine inculpatae tutelae
  • non ad sumendam vindictam
  • sed ad propulsandam injuriam
  • It is lawful to repel force by force
  • provided it be done with the moderation of blameless defense
  • not for the purpose of taking revenge
  • but to repel injury

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Defense in Law Enforcement

Main Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of defense.

Meaning of Defence, Defense in Spanish

Description/ translation of defence, defense into Spanish: en términos generales, argumento de defensa, excepción, objeción; circunstancia eximente o atenuante de la responsabilidad criminal; affirmative defence (en la que se alega la existencia de una circunstancia determinada, por ejemplo, la demencia o la legítima defensa); negative defence: (la que niega un elemento constitutivo del delito; por ejemplo, la coartada = alibi); insanity defence: excepción de demencia; defence/ prosecution case: alegato, exposición, intervención de la defensa/ acusación[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where defence, defense belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

  1. Translation of Defence, Defense published by Antonio Peñaranda


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