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Meaning of Contest

An earnest struggle for superiority, defense , victory; competition; emulation; strife or argument . To contravert; litigate; oppose; call in question ; challenge ; dispute ; to defend as a suit or other proceeding .

Contest Alternative Definition

Struggle for superiority In legal usage, a litigation. The word “contest,” in constitutions and statutes, is a word of art. It means a litigation. It implies a plaintiff and a defendant, and a thing in controversy. When it is decided, it is, or should be, decided upon evidence, and the decision is a judgment. 112 Ky. 23.

Synonyms of Contest

(Competition), noun

  • bout
  • certamen
  • certatio
  • challenge
  • clash
  • corrivalry
  • emulation
  • encounter
  • engagement
  • game
  • match
  • opposition
  • pitting of strengths
  • race
  • rivalry
  • rivalship
  • sport
  • spordngevent
  • struggle
  • test ofendurance
  • tournament
  • tourney
  • trial
  • Associated Concepts: election contest

(Dispute), noun

  • action
  • altercation
  • antagonism
  • argument
  • battle
  • bickering
  • brawl
  • challenge
  • clash
  • combat
  • contention
  • controversion
  • controversy
  • debate
  • difference of opinion
  • disaccord
  • disagreement
  • disceptation
  • discord
  • disharmony
  • disputation
  • dispute
  • dissension
  • dissent
  • dissonance
  • embroilment
  • encounter
  • failure to agree
  • feud
  • fight
  • fracas
  • fray
  • impugnation
  • impugnment
  • inharmony
  • litigation
  • monomachy
  • noncomformity
  • obstinacy
  • opposition
  • oppugnancy
  • polemics
  • quarrel
  • recalcitrance
  • recusancy
  • resistance
  • revolt
  • skirmish
  • squabble
  • strained relations
  • strife
  • variance
  • verbal contention
  • verbal engagement
  • war
  • war of words
  • wrangle
  • Associated Concepts: notice of contest
  • will contest


  • altercate
  • argue
  • battle
  • call to answer
  • challenge
  • combat
  • conflict
  • contend
  • contendere
  • contradict
  • contravene
  • controvert
  • counter
  • debate
  • defy
  • disaffirm
  • disagree
  • dispute
  • fight
  • gainsay
  • grapple with
  • impugn
  • object
  • oppose
  • oppugn
  • quarrel over
  • question
  • refuse to accept
  • refuse to admit
  • resist
  • struggle
  • take exception to
  • traverse
  • vie with
  • Associated Concepts: contest a will
  • contest an election
  • contest an insurance policy
  • contested case

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This term is a verb.

Etimology of Contest

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c. 1600, from French contester “dispute, oppose,” from Middle French, from Latin contestari (litem) “to call to witness, bring action,” from com “with, together” (see com-) + testari “to bear witness,” from testis “a witness,” (see testament). Calling witnesses as the first step in a legal combat. Related: Contestable; contested; contesting.



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