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Legal Definition and Related Resources of Prospectus

Meaning of Prospectus

Any offer or confirmation , made in writing or through the medium of television or radio , of the sale of any security of a corporation . Essentially, a document required to be published by a corporation offering its securities to the public containing the nature and objects of the issue of shares or other securities and complying with the statutory requirements in that behalf.

Financial Definition of Prospectus

Formal written document to sell securities that describes the plan for a proposed business enterprise, or the facts concerning an existing one, that an investor needs to make an informed decision. Prospectuses are used by mutual funds to describe the fund objectives, risks and other essential information.

International Trade Meaning and Definition of Prospectus

A brochure that describes a mutual fund’s investment objectives, strategies, and position limits.

Legal Definition of Prospectus

The official selling circular that must be given to purchasers of new securities registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It highlights the much longer Registration Statement file with the Commission.

Synonyms of Prospectus


  • analysis
  • announcement
  • blueprint
  • bulletin
  • catalogue
  • description
  • outline
  • plan
  • platform
  • program
  • scheme
  • sketch
  • statement
  • summary
  • syllabus
  • synopsis

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Further Reading

Prospectus Definition (in the Accounting Vocabulary)

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants offers the following definition of Prospectus in a way that is easy for anybody to understand: Major part of the registration statement filed with the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) for PUBLIC OFFERINGS. A prospectus generally describes SECURITIES or partnership interests to be issued and sold.

Concept of Prospectus in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Prospectus: A brochure, presenting for a prospective investor the details of an offering.

Concept of Prospectus in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Prospectus: A brochure, presenting for a prospective investor the details of an offering.


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