Popular Definitions A-Z

Popular Legal Definitions A-Z

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Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: A

absolute divorce
absolute estate
accessory contract
actual damages
actual fraud
adjective law
administrative law
administrative law judge

affirmative injunction
agency by estoppel
aggravated assault
aleatory contract
alias writ
alimony trust
alternative writ
ancillary jurisdiction
anticipatory search warrant

appeal bond
appellate jurisdiction
arrest of judgment
arrest warrant
assault with intent
assessment lien
attachment lien

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: B

bail bond
bankruptcy court
bankruptcy estate
bare license
bargain and sale deed
bench trial
bench warrant
benefit of inventory
best evidence

best evidence rule
bid bond
bilateral contract
bill in the nature of a bill of review
bill of indictment
bill of particulars
bill of rights
blue law
blue-sky law

book-entry bond
breach of duty
breach of the peace
breach of trust
breach of warranty
burden of proof
business judgment
business judgment rule
business trust
bypass trust

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: C

carrier’s lien
case law
choate lien
civil assault
civil law
collateral estoppel
collateral negligence
common law
common-law copyright

common-law lien
common-law marriage
commutative contract
comparative negligence
condition implied in law
constructive fraud
contract bond
contract carrier
contract clause

contract of adhesion
contract under seal
contributory negligence
county court at law
criminal assault
criminal law
criminal lawyer
criminal negligence

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: D

dead man’s statute
death warrant
declaration of trust
declaratory judgment
deed of trust
default judgment
demonstrative evidence
demurrer to the evidence
depraved-heart murder

derivative evidence
destination contract
determinable easement
direct appeal
direct damages
direct estoppel
direct evidence
discovery rule
discretionary trust

district attorney
District Court of Appeal
diversity jurisdiction
divorce a mensa et thoro
doctor of law
doctor of the science of law
dual contract
due process
due process clause
durable power of attorney

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: E

easement appurtenant
easement by estoppel
easement by implication
easement by prescription
easement in gross
eight-hour law
equitable estoppel
equitable lien
equity capital
equity court

equity security
estate tax
estoppel by deed
estoppel by judgment
estoppel by silence
evidence in chief
ex parte
ex post facto law

exclusive easement
exclusive jurisdiction
exculpatory evidence
executory contract
expectation damages
express contract
extradition warrant
extraordinary writ
extrinsic evidence
extrinsic fraud

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: F

factor’s lien
family law
federal common law
federal question jurisdiction
fee simple absolute
fee simple on condition subsequent
felonious assault
felony murder
fiduciary duty

fiduciary relationship
fiduciary shield doctrine
file wrapper estoppel
final judgment rule
final offer arbitration
financial responsibility law
finding of law
first lien
first-degree murder
floating lien

formal contract
forward contract
fraud in law
fraud in the factum
fraud in the inducement
fraud on the court
fraud on the market theory
freedom of contract
futures contract

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: G

gag order
general agent
general assignment
general counsel
general damages
general jurisdiction
general law
general lien
general power of attorney
general verdict rule

general warrant
generation-skipping transfer tax
generation-skipping trust
gift inter vivos
gift tax
good consideration
Good Samaritan law
good title
grand theft
grantor trust

gratuitous contract
grievance arbitration
gross estate
gross negligence
guaranteed investment contract
guardian ad litem
guest statute
guilty but mentally ill

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: H

habeas corpus
habeas corpus ad faciendum et recipiendum
habeas corpus ad prosequendum
habeas corpus ad subjiciendum
habeas corpus ad testificandum
habeas corpus cum causa
habitual criminal
habitual criminal law
hate crime

hearsay evidence
hearsay rule
hedonic damages
high court
High Court of Justice
high crime
high-low agreement
hold harmless
home equity loan

homicide by misadventure
honorary trust
horizontal agreement
hostile environment harassment
hostile environment sexual harassment
hostile possession
House bill
house counsel
HUD-1 settlement statement
Huntley hearing

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: I

illusory contract
impeachment evidence
implied contract
implied in law
implied trust
in personam jurisdiction
in rem jurisdiction
inadvertent discovery
inchoate lien
incidental damages

indecent assault
individual policy pension trust
inevitable discovery
informal contract
injunction bond
innominate contract
installment contract
inter vivos trust

interest arbitration
interlocutory injunction
internal law
international law
intrinsic evidence
intrinsic fraud
investment contract
involuntary lien
irrevocable power of attorney
issue of law

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: J

jailhouse lawyer
joint and several liability
joint custody
joint liability
joint tenancy
Judge Advocate General
judgment creditor
judgment debt

judgment debtor
judgment in rem
judgment lien
judgment n.o.v.
judgment nisi
judgment non obstante veredicto
judgment notwithstanding the verdict
judgment of acquittal
judgment on the merits

judicial lien
judicial writ
junior lien
jury duty
jury trial
jus ad rem
justice of the peace court
juvenile court
juvenile delinquent

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: K


knock and announce rule

known creditor

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: L

labor contract
land installment contract
land trust
landlord’s lien
law clerk
law of the case
law of the land
leash law
legal estate

legal fraud
legal interest
legal separation
legal title
lemon law
liability insurance
libel per quod
libel per se
license bond

lien creditor
life estate
limited divorce
limited jurisdiction
limited liability company
limited liability partnership
liquidated damages
local law
lynch law

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: M

mail fraud
mandatory injunction
manifest weight of the evidence
marital deduction trust
maritime contract
maritime law
maritime lien
martial law
material breach
material evidence

material witness
materialman’s lien
matter of law
measure of damages
mechanic’s lien
mens rea
military law
mistake of law

mitigation of damages
money judgment
moratory damages
motion for judgment on the pleadings
motion for more definite statement
motion in bar
motion in limine
motion to suppress

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: N

natural guardian
natural law
necessary party
negative easement
negative testimony
negligence per se
negligent homicide
new consideration
new trial

nihil-dicit judgment
nisi prius
no bill
no evidence
no-action clause
no-action letter
no-duty doctrine
no-fault divorce
no-knock search warrant
nolle prosequi

nominal consideration
nominal damages
nominate contract
nominee trust
nonclaim statute
nondeductible terminable interest rule
not guilty
not guilty by reason of insanity
notice pleading
notorious possession

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: O

obiter dictum
obstruction of justice
occupation tax
official immunity
omnibus bill
omnibus motion
onerous contract
onerous title

open court
open order
operation of law
opinion testimony
option contract
oral trust
order bill of lading
order paper
order to show cause

organic law
organized crime
original jurisdiction
original writ
origination fee
orphans’ court
ostensible agent
output contract
overt act

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: P

parol evidence
parol evidence rule
partnership by estoppel
passive negligence
penal law
pendent party jurisdiction
physical custody
plaintiff in error
power of attorney

preliminary injunction
preponderance of the evidence
presumption of law
prima facie case
prima facie evidence
primary evidence
principal contract
private attorney general doctrine
private law

probate court
probate estate
procedural law
promise implied in law
promissory estoppel
public law
punitive damages
purchase money resulting trust
purchase money security interest

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: Q

QTIP trust
qualified charitable remainder trust
qualified disclaimer
qualified domestic relations order
qualified immunity
qualified ownership
qualified privilege
qualified residence interest

qualified terminable interest property
qualified witness
quantum meruit
quantum valebant
quasi contract
quasi easement
quasi estoppel
quasi in rem
quasi in rem jurisdiction

question of fact
question of law
qui tam action
quid pro quo
quid pro quo sexual harassment
quitclaim deed
quotient verdict

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: R

rape shield law
reaffirmation hearing
real estate investment trust
real party in interest
real property
reasonable cause
reasonable doubt
reasonable force
rebuttal evidence
rebuttal witness

reciprocal negative easement
reckless homicide
record title
relevant evidence
rendition warrant
replevin bond
requirements contract
res judicata
residuary estate
restraining order

resulting trust
retaining lien
revenue bill
revenue law
reverse discrimination
revocable trust
right of petition
right of privacy
Roman law
rule of law


Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: S

search warrant
second-degree murder
senior lien
sexual assault
sexual harassment
shipment contract
simple assault
slander of title
slight negligence

social contract
sole custody
special contract
special lien
special power of attorney
special warranty deed
specific lien
state law
state’s evidence
statute of limitations

statutory law
statutory lien
subject matter jurisdiction
substantial evidence
substantive evidence
substantive law
substituted contract
summary judgment
Sunday closing law
synallagmatic contract

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: T

tax deed
tax lien
temporary custody
temporary restraining order
testamentary guardian
testamentary trust
testimonial evidence
third-degree murder
third-party complaint
third-party defendant

third-party plaintiff
title search
tort reform
Totten trust
toxic tort
treble damages
trespass to try title
trial court
trial de novo

trial judge advocate
trial jury
trial lawyer
trust account
trust agreement
trust company
trust de son tort
trust indenture
trustee in bankruptcy
trustee process

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: U

uncertificated security
undue influence
unearned premium reserve
unemployment compensation
unified credit
unified transfer tax
uniform act
unilateral contract
unilateral mistake

unit deed
unit trust
United States attorney
United States Claims Court
United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
United States Court of Federal Claims
United States Court of International Trade
United States Court of Veterans Appeals
United States trustee
universal agent

universal life insurance
universal successor
universal title
unlawful detainer
unlawful force
unregistered security
unwritten law
use immunity
use tax
useless gesture exception

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: V

vacant succession
valuable consideration
valuation hearing
value-added tax
valued policy law
variable life insurance
vehicular homicide
vendor’s lien
verbal act

vertical agreement
vertical privity
vested estate
vested interest
vested right
viatical settlement
vicarious liability
violent felony
void-for-vagueness doctrine

voluntary bankruptcy
voluntary bar
voluntary dismissal
voluntary dissolution
voluntary lien
voluntary manslaughter
voting rights
voting trust
voting trust certificate

Dictionary Popular Legal Terms: X, Y and Z

year-and-a-day rule
yellow-dog contract

Younger abstention

youthful offender


zero bracket amount
zero-coupon bond
zipper clause

zone of employment
zone of interest

zone of privacy


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