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Meaning of Payment

The transfer of money from one person to another with the assent of both parties . A transfer made without such assent will not constitute payment. The term also denotes the delivery to and the acceptance by a creditor of any other valuable thing in reduction or extinguishment of a debt or other obligation .

Payment Alternative Definition

The fulfillment of a promise, or the performance of an agreement. The discharge in money of a sum due. In its most general sense, the rendition by the person under an obligation (68 Cal. 41) to the person to whom the same is due, or one lawfully authorized to represent him (6 How. Pr. [N. Y.] 161), of the exact act or thing required by such obligation (23 La. Ann. 84; 3 Duer [N. Y.] 441; 1 Gush. [Mass J 76), with the assent of both parties that the same is rendered and received in satisfaction of such obligation, and not for another purpose (50 Mich. 112; 6 Heisk. [Tenn.] 131). In a more restricted sense, payment is the rendition of a sum of money due. As so used, payment in cash is implied, and the giving of a note or check is not payment. 26 Conn. 487; 70 Iowa, 406; 42 N. Y. 638.

Synonyms of Payment

(Act of paying), noun

  • acquittal
  • acquittance
  • amortization
  • amortizement
  • clearance
  • compensation
  • defrayal
  • defrayment
  • disbursement
  • discharge of a debt
  • expenditure
  • liquidation
  • outlay
  • quittance
  • receipt in full
  • reckoning
  • recompense
  • reimbursement
  • remittance
  • restitution
  • return
  • satisfaction
  • settlement
  • spending
  • subsidy

(Remittance), noun

  • allotment
  • allowance
  • amount
  • charge
  • compensation
  • consideration
  • earnings
  • emolument
  • expenditure
  • expense
  • fee
  • gratuity
  • guerdon
  • honorarium
  • indemnification
  • indemnity
  • money
  • pay
  • premium
  • quittance
  • recompense
  • reimbursement
  • remittance
  • remuneration
  • reparation
  • restitution
  • salary
  • solatium
  • stipend
  • tribute
  • wageforeign phrases: In satisfactionibus non permittitur amplius fieri quam semelfactum est
  • In settlements
  • more must not be received than was received once for all
  • Reprobatapecunia liberat solventem
  • Money refused releases the debtor
  • Quicquid solvitur
  • solvitur secundum modum solventis; quicquid recipitur
  • recipitur secundum modum recipientis
  • Whatever money is paid
  • is paid according to the direction of the payor
  • whatever money is received
  • is received according to that of the recipient
  • Qui ignorat quantum solvere debeat
  • non potest improbus videre
  • He who does not know how much he ought to pay
  • cannot seem dishonest
  • Jusnonpatiturut idem bis solvatur
  • Law does not suffer the same thing to be twice paid
  • Bona fides non patitur ut bis idem exigatur
  • Good faith does not allow us to demand the payment of the same thing twice

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