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Legal Definition and Related Resources of Conduct

Meaning of Conduct

A word of general import which has various meanings depending on context. In a general sense, denotes a person ‘s behavior , his positive acts, his silence or negative omission , his spoken and written word. See state by Parsons v U.S. Steel Corp., 126 A.2d 168,22 N.J. 341. As a verb it means to introduce, manage , command , carry on, control or direct . People v Hill, 192 N. Y.S.2d342, 18 Misc.2d352.

Synonyms of Conduct


  • actions
  • acts
  • address
  • air
  • aspect
  • attitude
  • bearing
  • behavior
  • behavior pattern
  • breeding
  • carriage
  • code
  • compliance
  • comportment
  • conformance
  • correctness
  • course of behavior
  • dealings
  • decorum
  • deeds
  • demeanor
  • deportment
  • established practice
  • ethics
  • etiquette
  • fashion
  • guise
  • habits
  • management
  • manner
  • manners
  • method
  • mien
  • mode of action
  • mode of behavior
  • morals
  • operation
  • performance
  • personal bearing
  • port
  • posture
  • practice
  • presence
  • procedure
  • propriety
  • public manners
  • role
  • seemliness
  • social behavior
  • social graces
  • style
  • way
  • way of acting
  • ways
  • wise
  • Associated Concepts: coercive conduct
  • course of conduct
  • disorderly conduct
  • good conduct
  • immoral conduct
  • improper conduct
  • inequitable conduct
  • justifiable conduct
  • reasonable conduct
  • standard of conduct
  • unprofessional conduct


  • administer
  • administrare
  • administrate
  • assume responsibility
  • carry on
  • carry out
  • command
  • control
  • deal with
  • direct
  • direct affairs
  • discharge
  • dispatch
  • do
  • enact
  • execute
  • gerere
  • guide
  • handle
  • have control
  • lead
  • look after
  • manage
  • officiate at
  • operate
  • oversee
  • perducere
  • pilot
  • preside over
  • proceed with
  • regulate
  • run
  • superintend
  • supervise
  • take care of
  • take charge of
  • transact
  • usher
  • Associated Concepts: conduct a business
  • conduct a sale
  • conducted for profit
  • conducting business foreign phrases: Melius est recurrere quam malo currere
  • It is better to recede than to proceed in error

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