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Meaning of Administer

To manage or conduct ; to have charge or direction of. To give, supply, provide with, apply , as medicine or treatment . To tender , as an oath.
The assets of an estate are not regarded as administered until they have been collected and applied as required by law or the will of the testator . Am. surety Co. v Piatt, 72 P. 775, 67 Kan. 294.

Synonyms of Administer

(Conduct), verb

  • administrate
  • carry out
  • control
  • direct
  • dispose of
  • effect
  • effectuate
  • enforce
  • engineer
  • govern
  • guide
  • handle
  • have executive charge of
  • manage
  • mastermind
  • minister
  • officiate
  • operate
  • overlook
  • oversee
  • pilot
  • prescribe
  • preside over
  • procurare
  • put in force
  • regulate
  • rem administrare
  • rempublicam gubemare
  • settle
  • steer
  • superintend
  • supervise
  • Associated Concepts: administer a bankrupt’s assets
  • administer an estate
  • administer the law

(Tender), verb

  • accord
  • afford
  • bestow on
  • confer
  • deal out
  • disburse
  • dispense
  • disperse
  • distribute
  • dole out
  • extend
  • give
  • impart
  • issue
  • measure out
  • mete out
  • offer
  • procurare
  • provide with
  • render
  • Associated Concepts: administer drugs
  • administer oaths

Definition of Administer in the Free Online Notary Dictionary

To Discharge The Duties Of An Office: To Give.

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What does Administer mean in American Law?

The definition of Administer in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

To give to, as in “He administered poison to the victim (or “justice to the litigants”).” Or, to manage, or run, e.g., a business, a government agency, or a decedent’s estate.


This term is a verb.

Etimology of Administer

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late 14c., aministren, later administren, “to manage as a steward, control or regulate on behalf of others,” from Old French aministrer “help, aid, be of service to” (12c., Modern French administrer), and directly from Latin administrare “to help, assist; manage, control, guide, superintend; rule, direct,” from ad “to” (see ad-) + ministrare “serve” (see minister (verb)). The -d- was restored 14c.-16c. in French and after 15c. in English. In reference to punishment, justice, etc., “to dispense, bring into operation” (especially as an officer), from mid-15c. In reference to medicines, medical treatment, etc., “to give,” from 1540s. Related: Administered; administering.



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