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Meaning of Invitation

The relation between an owner or occupier of land and one who comes thereon under certain circumstances. The invitation which creates such a relation may be express , as when the owner or occupier of the land by words invites another to come on same, or make use of same or something thereon; or it may be implied , as when such owner or occupier by acts or conduct leads another to believe that the land or something thereon was intended to be used as he uses them, and that such use is not only acquiesced by the owner or occupier, but is in accordance with the intention or design for which the way or place or thing was adapted and prepared or allowed to be used. See Turiss v New York, S & W R. Co., 40 A. 614, 61 N.J.L. 314. where it is not an express invitation, an element of allurement on the part of the owner is necessary before invitation can be presumed.

Synonyms of Invitation


  • advance
  • allurement
  • appeal
  • approach
  • attraction
  • bid
  • bidding
  • call
  • challenge
  • encouragement
  • enticement
  • incitement
  • inducement
  • invitatio
  • offer
  • overture
  • petition
  • plea
  • proffer
  • prompting
  • proposal
  • proposition
  • provocative
  • request
  • solicitation
  • summons
  • tender
  • urging
  • Associated Concepts: business invitation
  • invitation to bid
  • license by invitation

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