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Meaning of Moral

Pertaining or relating to the conscience or moral sense or to the general principles of right conduct .

Synonyms of Moral


  • aboveboard
  • bene moratus
  • bound by duty
  • commendable
  • conscientious
  • correct
  • creditable
  • decent
  • deserving
  • duteous
  • dutiful
  • estimable
  • ethical
  • exemplary
  • good
  • highminded
  • highprincipled
  • honest
  • honestus
  • honorable
  • idealistic
  • incorrupt
  • incorruptible
  • innocent
  • just
  • laudable
  • lawabiding
  • meritorious
  • noble
  • praiseworthy
  • principled
  • probus
  • proper
  • pure
  • reputable
  • respectable
  • responsible
  • rightminded
  • righteous
  • sanctus
  • scrupulous
  • spotless
  • truehearted
  • trustworthy
  • uncorrupt
  • uncorrupted
  • unerring
  • upright
  • upstanding
  • virtuous
  • wellconducted
  • worthy Associated Concepts: moral certainty
  • moral character
  • moral consideration
  • moral dereliction
  • moral duty
  • moral obligation
  • moral turpitude

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