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Meaning of Carry

As used in statutes concerning firearms, means holding or bearing arms. People v Overturf, 134 Cal. Rptr. 769, 64 C.A. 3 Supp. 1. With respect to insurance means to possess or hold. Dimick v Metropolitan life insurance Co., 55 A. 291, 69 N.L.J. 384.

Financial Definition of Carry

Related:net financing cost.

Synonyms of Carry

(Succeed), verb

  • accomplish
  • achieve
  • attain
  • be victorious
  • bring to pass
  • cause to happen
  • complete
  • culminate
  • effect
  • effectuate
  • gain
  • prevail
  • score
  • succeed
  • triumph
  • win
  • Associated Concepts: carry a vote

(Transport), verb

  • bear
  • bring
  • cart
  • convey
  • convoy
  • haul
  • move
  • take
  • tote
  • transport
  • Associated Concepts: carry a concealed weapon
  • carry a weapon
  • carry back
  • carry on a business
  • carry on trade
  • carrying charges
  • carrying on a trade or business
  • carrying on any trade or business
  • carrying on business
  • larceny
  • take and carry away

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