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Meaning of Control

Exercise or to have the right to exercise a directing or governing influence over a thing. The power of authority to manage , direct , superintend, restrict , regulate , govern, administer or oversee.

Financial Definition of Control

50% of the outstanding votes plus one vote.

Synonyms of Control

(Regulate), verb

  • administer
  • administrate
  • check
  • coercere
  • command
  • conduct
  • direct
  • dominate
  • engineer
  • govern
  • guide
  • handle
  • have charge of
  • have in one’s charge
  • have the direction of
  • have under control
  • instruct
  • lead
  • look after
  • maintain
  • manage
  • manipulate
  • moderan
  • operate
  • order
  • overlook
  • oversee
  • pilot
  • preside over
  • regiment
  • rule
  • superintend
  • supervise
  • take care of Associated Concepts: Bureau of Control and Accounts
  • control board
  • controlled corporation
  • controlled substance
  • controlling clause
  • controlling influence
  • controlling interest
  • controlling issues
  • controlling question of law or fact

(Restrain), verb

  • arrest
  • confine
  • constrain
  • continere
  • guard
  • hamper
  • hinder
  • hold back
  • hold in check
  • impede
  • inhibit
  • keep in check
  • keep under control
  • limit
  • obstruct
  • prohibit
  • put under restraint
  • restrict
  • retard
  • subdue
  • suppresstemperare
  • trammel
  • Associated Concepts: controlled substance

(Restriction), noun

  • blockade
  • brake
  • check
  • constraint
  • curb
  • deterrence
  • deterrent
  • disallowance
  • exclusion
  • inhibition
  • limitation
  • moderation
  • prevention
  • prohibition
  • qualification
  • rationing
  • repression
  • restraint
  • restrictive practice
  • subdual
  • suppression
  • Associated Concepts: institution of controls
  • price control

(Supervision), noun

  • administration
  • auspices
  • authority
  • care
  • charge
  • command
  • custody
  • direction
  • discipline
  • dominance
  • domination
  • dominion
  • government
  • guardianship
  • guidance
  • jurisdiction
  • keeping
  • management
  • managership
  • mastery
  • ministry
  • moderatio
  • oversight
  • patronage
  • power
  • proctorship
  • protectorship
  • regimen
  • regulation
  • stewardship
  • superintendence
  • temperantia
  • ward
  • wardenship
  • wardship
  • Associated Concepts: absolute control
  • circumstances beyond control
  • complete control
  • constructive control
  • exclusive control
  • immediate control
  • indirect control
  • joint control
  • loss of control
  • mutuality of control
  • parental control
  • reasonable control

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English Legal System: Care And Control

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Care And Control : Formerly, the right to the physical possession and control of the day-to-day activities of a minor.

See parental responsibility; section 8 orders.

Legal Usage of Control (to Control, a Control) in English

An European Commission document offers the following explanation about the misused of Control (to Control, a Control):To control does not usually mean ‘to audit’ ‘check’ or ‘verify’57 and ‘a control’ is not normally ‘a check’ or ‘an inspection’. Its most common meaning is ‘to exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct’. Thus, if we say that ‘the Commission controlled project X in the Member States’, we do not mean that the Commission audited it, but that the Commission ran it. In combination with a few other terms contained in this list, this misuse can end up sounding quite sinister (e.g. ‘the Commission’s contract agents were on a mission in the United Kingdom to control execution under Axis II’). Used as a noun, we do not ‘carry out’ or ‘perform’ controls. Controls are more likely to be systems that are in place (passport controls, for example). Hence, we can say that the Court checked to see if the key controls were working, but not that it carried out controls. When talking about systems, the best term will often be ‘safeguard’. For example, ‘a number of safeguards are built into the system to ensure that funds are spent correctly’.


‘Administrative checks must be undertaken on all applications for support and payment claims, and cover all elements that are possible and appropriate to control by administrative means58.’ ‘Apart from the annual review of the reference amount, customs authorities are not obliged to carry out controls after authorisation59.’


audit, check, verify/verification, inspect/inspection, safeguard.


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Control in the National Security Context

A definition and brief description of Control in relation to national security is as follows:The supervising officer or agent.



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