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Meaning of Direct

v. control or conduct the affairs of; manage ; govern. Also, order or instruct with authority .

Direct Alternative Definition

Straightforward; immediate; not collateral. The direct line of descent is formed by a series of relationships between persons who descend successively one from the other. Evidence is termed “direct” which applies immediately to the fact to be proved, without any intervening process, as distinguished from “circumstantial,” which applies immediately to collateral facts supposed to have a connection, near or remote, with the fact in controversy. The examination in chief of a witness is called the “direct examination.” Interrogatories propounded to a deponent by the party by whom the deposition is taken are called “direct interrogatories.”

Synonyms of Direct

(Forthnght), adjective

  • aboveboard
  • blunt
  • candid
  • clear
  • explicit
  • face to face
  • forthright
  • frank
  • genuine
  • guileless
  • honest
  • ingenuous
  • open
  • outspoken
  • plain
  • pointblank
  • pointed
  • rectus
  • sincere
  • straightforward
  • summary
  • transparent
  • truthful
  • unaffected
  • unambiguous
  • unassuming
  • unconstrained
  • undeceitful
  • undeceiving
  • undeceptive
  • undesigning
  • undisguising
  • unfeigning
  • unpretending
  • unpretentious
  • unreserved
  • unrestrained
  • veracious
  • veridical

(Order), verb

  • adjure
  • bid
  • call upon
  • charge
  • command
  • decree
  • demand
  • dictate
  • enjoin
  • give a directive
  • give an order
  • give directions
  • give instructions
  • give orders
  • govern
  • instruct
  • issue a command
  • issue a decree
  • issue an order
  • ordain
  • prescribe
  • rule
  • set a task
  • signal
  • tell
  • Associated Concepts: directed verdict

(Show), verb

  • conduct
  • designate
  • guide
  • homini viam monstrare
  • indicate
  • instruct
  • lead
  • navigate
  • point
  • point out
  • steer

(Straight), adjective

  • aimed
  • guided
  • immediate
  • linear
  • rectilineal
  • steered
  • straightaway
  • true
  • unbent
  • unbroken
  • undeflected
  • undeviating
  • undistorted
  • unswerving
  • unturned
  • unwarped
  • without a bend
  • without circumlocution
  • without divergence
  • Associated Concepts: direct and proximate cause
  • direct attack
  • direct benefit
  • direct cause
  • direct contempt
  • direct control
  • direct damages
  • direct descendants
  • direct evidence
  • direct interest
  • direct knowledge
  • direct loss
  • direct result
  • direct route
  • direct tax
  • direct testimony
  • direct trust

(Supervise), verb

  • administer
  • administrare
  • administrate
  • assign
  • be master
  • boss
  • coach
  • command
  • conduct
  • control
  • dirigere
  • dominate
  • educate
  • engineer
  • exercise authority
  • exercise supervision
  • govern
  • guide
  • head
  • lead
  • look after
  • manage
  • mastermind
  • oversee
  • preside
  • preside over
  • regere
  • regulate
  • rule
  • stage
  • steer
  • superintend
  • take command

(Uninterrupted), adjective

  • connected
  • consecutive
  • continual
  • continuous
  • progressive
  • steady
  • straight
  • successive
  • unbroken
  • unending
  • unfaltering
  • unstopped

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