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Meaning of Criminal

A person indicted for a crime and found guilty. An act is criminal when the quality of such act is such that it is prohibited under appropriate penal provisions by authority of the state .

Criminal Alternative Definition

As a noun, one who has been guilty of a crime. As an adjective, violative of the criminal law; pertaining to crime, or to penal jurisprudence.

Synonyms of Criminal


  • bandit
  • blackguard
  • buccaneer
  • burglar
  • convict
  • defrauder
  • evildoer
  • extortionist
  • felon
  • filcher
  • fugitive
  • gangster
  • grafter
  • guilty person
  • gunman
  • hardened offender
  • juvenile delinquent
  • kidnapper
  • killer
  • knave
  • lawbreaker
  • malefactor
  • malfeasant
  • manslayer
  • marauder
  • misdemeanant
  • murderer
  • offender
  • outlaw
  • pilferer
  • pillager
  • pirate
  • plunderer
  • public enemy
  • recidivist
  • recreant
  • reprobate
  • reus
  • robber
  • sceleratus
  • smuggler
  • sneak thief
  • swindler
  • terrorist
  • thief
  • transgressor
  • underworld character
  • villain
  • worker of iniquity
  • wrongdoer
  • Associated Concepts: convicted criminal
  • criminal action
  • criminal attempt
  • criminal capacity
  • criminal case or cause
  • criminal charge
  • criminal code
  • criminal conduct
  • criminal conspiracy
  • criminal contempt
  • criminal conviction
  • criminal courts
  • criminal information
  • criminal intent
  • criminal judgments
  • criminal jurisdiction
  • criminal motive
  • criminal negligence
  • criminal offense
  • criminal procedure
  • criminal prosecution
  • criminal responsibility
  • criminal sanctions
  • criminal solicitation
  • criminal statute
  • criminal syndicalism
  • criminal transaction
  • criminal trial
  • habitual criminal
  • known criminals foreign phrases: Frustra legis auxilium invocat qui in legem committit
  • He vainly seeks the aid of the law who transgresses the law
  • criminal statute
  • criminal syndicalism
  • criminal transaction
  • criminal trial
  • habitual criminal
  • known criminals foreign phrases: Frustra legis auxilium invocat qui in legem committit
  • He vainly seeks the aid of the law who transgresses the law

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English Spanish Translation of Criminal

Penal, delictivo

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This term is an adjetive.

Etimology of Criminal

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early 15c., from Middle French criminel (11c.), from Latin criminalis “pertaining to crime,” from crimen (genitive criminis); see crime. Preserves the Latin -n-. Criminal law (or criminal justice) distinguished from civil in English at least since late 15c.


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