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Meaning of Insanity

Unsoundness of mind; madness . Mental alienation or derangement of mind. legal insanity which exonerates from crime or incapacitates from civil actions is a mental deficiency with reference to the particular act in question and not a general incapacity . In criminal law it connotes a presumption that a particular individual lacks the capacity to possess a guilty mind . It connotes a mental condition which renders a person incapable of knowing or understanding the nature and quality of his act, or incapable of distinguishing right from wrong in relation to that act. When a defendant is insane, a trial against him is barred. In this context, insanity means inability on the part of a defendant to understand the nature of the crime charged or inability to reasonably and rationally defend against such charge , including co- operation with counsel . See People v McKinstray, 198 N.E.2d 829, 30 Ill.2d 611. See irresistible impulse and mcnaghten’s rule .

Synonyms of Insanity


  • aberration
  • aberration of mind
  • abnormality
  • alienation
  • alienation of mind
  • amentia
  • brain damage
  • craziness
  • daftness
  • delirium
  • delusion
  • dementedness
  • dementia
  • deranged intellect
  • derangement
  • diseased mind
  • disordered intellect
  • disordered mind
  • disordered reason
  • disorientation
  • frenzy
  • hallucination
  • insania
  • loss of reason
  • lunacy
  • madness
  • mental abnormality
  • mental alienation
  • mental decay
  • mental deficiency
  • mental derangement
  • mental disease
  • mental incapacity
  • mental infirmities
  • mental instability
  • mental sickness
  • mental unsoundness
  • paranoia
  • raving
  • unbalanced mind
  • unsound mind
  • unsoundness of mind
  • vecordia
  • want of comprehension
  • want of reason Associated Concepts: adjudication of insanity
  • diminished capacity
  • habitual insanity
  • incompetency
  • insane delusion
  • insane impulse to act
  • insanity defense
  • insanity plea
  • irresistible impulse foreign phrases: Furiosus nullum negotium contrahere potest
  • An insane person can make no contract
  • Furiosus stipulare non potest nec aliquid negotium agere
  • qui non intelligit quid agit
  • An insane person who knows not what he is doing
  • cannot contract nor transact any business
  • Furiosi nulla voluntas est
  • A madman has no will
  • Furiosus solo furore punitur
  • A madman is punished by his madness alone
  • Furor contrahi matrimonium non sinit
  • quia consensu opus est
  • Insanity prevents a marriage from being contracted
  • because consent is required
  • Ira furor brevis est
  • Anger is short insanity
  • Furiosus absentis loco est
  • A madman is considered as a person who is absent
  • abjecta ratione
  • omnia cum impetu et furore facit
  • A person is insane who
  • deprived of reason
  • does everything with violence and rage
  • does everything with violence and rage

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