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Meaning of Corroboration

To corroborate means to strengthen, to add weight or credibility to a thing by additional and confirming facts or evidence . state v Case, 116 S.E.2d429, 253 N.C. 130. Corroboration is evidence supporting or tending to strengthen testimony already given. Something which leads an impartial and reasonable mind to believe that material testimony is true; testimony concerning some substantial fact or circumstance independent of the statement of a witness . In criminal matters, corroboration means independent evidence which tends to establish a participation of the accused in the commission of the offense , which connects or tends to connect the accused with the crime .

Synonyms of Corroboration


  • acknowledgment
  • affirmation
  • assurance
  • attestation
  • authentication
  • averment
  • avouchment
  • bearing out
  • certification
  • circumstantiation
  • conclusive evidence
  • conclusive proof
  • confirmation
  • demonstrability
  • demonstration
  • documentation
  • endorsement
  • establishment
  • establishment of proof
  • evidence
  • exemplification
  • fortification
  • legal evidence
  • presentation of evidence
  • proof
  • ratification
  • strengthening
  • substantiation
  • support
  • supportability
  • supporting evidence
  • sustaining
  • testification
  • testimony
  • upholding
  • validation
  • validification
  • verifiability
  • verification
  • vindication
  • voucher
  • witness
  • Associated Concepts: corroborating circumstances
  • corroborating evidence
  • corroborative proof
  • corroborative testimony

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Further Reading

English Legal System: Corroboration

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Corroboration :

Evidence that confirms the accuracy of other evidence “in a material particular”. In general, English law does not require corroboration and any fact may be proved by a single item of credible evidence. The obligation to warn the jury of the dangers of acting on uncorroborated evidence of accomplices or of complainants in cases of sexual offences has been abolished: the judge now has a discretion to indicate the dangers of a jury relying on particular evidence. Corroboration remains mandatory in cases of *treason and *perjury and for opinion evidence as to some matters, e.g. *speeding.

Definition of Corroboration

Independent evidence that supports a claim by the plaintiff.



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