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Meaning of Appropriate

Set apart for or assign to a particular purpose, person or use, to the exclusion of others, as in to appropriate land for road widening purposes. To apply funds for a particular purpose, as when a creditor appropriates payments made to an earlier debt. To make a thing one’s own; to set-apart for or assign to a particular purpose, person or use.

Synonyms of Appropriate


  • accommodatiis
  • accordant
  • accurate
  • adapted to
  • admissible
  • applicable
  • apposite
  • apropos
  • apt
  • aptus
  • befitting
  • concordant
  • condign
  • conformable
  • congruens
  • congruous
  • consistent
  • consonant
  • correct
  • correspondent
  • exact
  • expedient
  • fit
  • fitting
  • germane
  • harmonious
  • meet
  • opportune
  • pertinent
  • practicable
  • precise
  • proper
  • relevant
  • right
  • rightful
  • seemly
  • suitable
  • suited
  • timely
  • wellsuited
  • Associated Concepts: appropriate bargaining unit
  • appropriate cause of action
  • appropriate remedy

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What does Appropriate mean in American Law?

The definition of Appropriate in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

As an adjective, the term means fit, proper, assigned correctly to, as in “He took all appropriate means to effect service of process.”

For the verb form, see appropriation.







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