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Meaning of Intention

The end, object or purpose intended. Intent means that which is intended; purpose, aim, design; essentially implies premeditation . A settled direction of mind toward accomplishment of a particular act or anything intended to be done. The term denotes a determinative attitude or state of mind. In interpreting legal documents, such as a will, the term is one of art and signifies the meaning of the right . See Grainger v Hamilton, 90 S.E.2d209, 228 S. C. 318. A criminal intent is usually an element of a crime ; but every man is presumed to intend the necessary and legitimate consequences of what he knowingly does. See Reynolds v U.S., 98 U.S. 145,25 L.Ed. 244.

Intention Alternative Definition

A design, resolve, or determination of the mind. The exercise of an intelligent will, the mind being fully aware of the nature and consequences of the act which is about to be done, and with such knowledge, and with full liberty of action, willing and electing to do it. 2 Lea (Tenn.) 619. It implies contractual obligation to carry out the intention, and is to be distinguished from “promise.” 24 N. J. Law, 430. It is not synonymous with “motive” (131 Mo. 397), nor with “attempt” (3 Dev. [N. C] 330).

Synonyms of Intention


  • aim
  • ambition
  • consilium
  • design
  • desire
  • destination
  • determination
  • direction
  • earnestness
  • end in view
  • end intended
  • fixed direction
  • fixed purpose
  • goal
  • institutum
  • mark
  • object
  • objective
  • plan
  • propositum
  • purpose
  • resolution
  • resolve
  • set purpose
  • settled determination
  • target
  • ultimate purpose Associated Concepts: donative intention
  • implied intention
  • the intention of the parties
  • malicious intentionforeign phrases: In testamentis plenius voluntates testantium interpretantur
  • In wills
  • the intentions of the testators should be fully regarded
  • Non efficit affectus nisi sequatur effectus
  • The intention amounts to nothing unless some effect follows
  • In conventionibus
  • contrahentium voluntaspotius quant verbaspectariplacuit
  • In contracts
  • it is the rule to regard the intention of the parties rather than the actual words
  • Culpa lata dolo aequiparatur
  • Gross negligence is held equivalent to malice
  • In maleficiis voluntas spectatur
  • non exitus
  • In offenses
  • the intention is regarded
  • not the result
  • Intentio inservire debet legibus
  • non leges intentioni
  • The intention of a party ought to be subservient to the laws
  • not the laws to intentions
  • Benignefaciendae sunt interpretations
  • propter simplicitatem laicorum
  • ut res magis valeat quam pereat; et verba intentioni
  • non e contra
  • debent inservire
  • Interpretations should be liberal
  • because of the lack of training of laymen
  • so that the subject matter should be valid rather than void
  • and words should be subject to the intention
  • not the intention to the words

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