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Loss of control due to insanity that is so profound that the person cannot stop from committing a crime . under the irresistible impulse test for insanity, a person may avoid criminal responsibility even though capable of distinguishing between right and wrong and fully aware of the nature and quality of his acts, provided the accused establishes that he or she was unable to refrain from acting. Com. v Walzack, 360 A.2d 914, 468 Pa. 210. The accused has to show an impulse to commit a criminal or unlawful act which cannot be resisted or overcome because mental disease has destroyed the freedom of will, the power of self-control and choice of actions. Snider v Smyth, (D.C. Va.) 187 F.Supp. 299. The defense of irresistible impulse is (I available only in certain States of the United States .

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