misdemeanor: Vocabulary part of speech

misdemeanor (noun)

Meaning of this part of speech

a minor crime (punishment is usually a fine or less than one year in jail)

misdemeanor in an Example Sentence

Stealing a road sign is considered a misdemeanor,but is punishable by a large fine.

Misdemeanor Meaning in the U.S. Court System

An offense punishable by one year of imprisonment or less. Compare with “felony.”

Meaning of Misdemeanor in the U.S. Legal System

Definition of Misdemeanor published by the National Association for Court Management: A criminal offense considered less serious than a felony. Misdemeanors generally are punishable by a fine or a limited local jail term, but not by imprisonment in a state penitentiary.


This term is a noun.

Etimology of Misdemeanor

(You may find misdemeanor at the world legal encyclopedia and the etimology of more terms).

also misdemeanour, “legal class of indictable offenses,” late 15c.; from mis- (1) “wrong” + Middle English demenure (see demeanor). Related: Misdemeanors; misdemeanours.

Meaning of Misdemeanor in Spanish

Description/ translation of misdemeanor into Spanish: (in the law of the United States/ en el derecho de los Estados Unidos) delito menos grave[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where misdemeanor belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

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