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while statutory definitions of the term may vary slightly, generally, it is the wilful and corrupt false swearing or affirming, after an oath lawfully administered in the course of a judicial or quasi -judicial proceeding , as to some matter material to the issue or point in question . While at common law , the offense of perjury could only be committed in a judicial proceeding , in most jurisdictions in modern times, the term has been extended to false testimony given in any deposition or affidavit authorized by law. See criminal Code §125, 18 U.S.C. §231. Also U.S. v Norris, 300 U.S. 564, 57 S.Cl. 535, 81 L.Ed. 808.

Perjury Alternative Definition

Perjury at common law is the willful and corrupt taking of a false oath in a judicial proceeding in regard to a matter material to the issues. 1 Hawk, P. C. c. 69, § 1; 4 Bl. Comm. 153. It is extended by statute in most jurisdictions to false swearing in certain proceedings not judicial. To constitute the offense, (1) the testimony must be false, or believed to be false, or the witness must not know whether it be true or false (42 Vt. 152; 17 N. H. 373) ; (2) the taking of the false oath must be both willful and corrupt; (3) the matter sworn to must be material to the issue or question in controversy (12 Mass. 273; 54 Vt. 146); (4) some form of oath or its equivalent must have been duly administered by an authorized officer (86 N. Y. 154; 107 U. S. 671; 76 N. Y. 220) ; (5) the oath itself, as well as the facts sworn to, must have been material (45 Mich. 543; 17 Ohio, 365); (6) to constitute perjury in a judicial proceeding, the court or tribunal must have jurisdiction (49 Me. 412; 8 Pick. [Mass.] 453; 96 Ky. 407).

Synonyms of Perjury


  • noun
  • act of oathbreaking
  • distortion of the truth
  • fal r statement
  • false swearing
  • falsehood
  • falseness
  • falsification
  • intentional misstatement
  • invention of lies misrepresentation
  • misstatement
  • periurium
  • permisión of truth
  • prevarication
  • untruth
  • violation of ar oath
  • willful distortion of the truth
  • willful falseho: d willful telling of a falsehood
  • willful telling of a lie Associated Concepts: subornation of perjury foreign phrases: Lex punit mendacium
  • The Isi punishes mendacity
  • Perjuri sunt qui servatis vert
  • juramenti decipiunt aures eorum qui accipiunt
  • preserving the words of an oath
  • dr ceive the ears of those who receive it
  • Sacramentum fatuum fuerit
  • licet falsum
  • tamen non committit perju um
  • A foolish oath
  • although false
  • does not give r
  • Qui non libere veritatem pronunciatprodi;: est veritatis
  • He who does not freely speak the truth a betrayer of the truth

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Making Of False Statement Under Oath Or Affirmation In An Official Proceeding. It Is Generally Punishable By Fine And/or Imprisonment.

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  • El delito de conseguir a otro para que preste juramento que sería perjurio de cometerlo la primera persona
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    Definition of Perjury published by the National Association for Court Management: The criminal offense of making a false statement under oath.




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