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Meaning of Parties

Those named in an action either as plaintiffs or defendants, petitioners or respondents; those who take part or are directly interested in any affair, contract or conveyance . Opposing litigants in any judicial proceedings, including all persons by whom or against whom a suit, either at law or in equity is brought .

Parties Alternative Definition

(Lat. pars, a part. Those who take part in the performance of an act, as, making a contract, carrying on an action. A party in law may be said to be those united in interest in the performance of an act. It may then be composed of one or more persons. Parties includes every party to an act. It is also used to denote all the individual separate persons engaged in the act in which sense, however, a corporation may be a party, To Contracts. Those persons who engage themselvefe to do or not to do the matters and things contained in an agreement. In Actions. The persons seeking relief, and those against whom relief is sought, In any action. Parties are either of recttrd, being those in whose name the suit is brought, or who are named as defendants, and not of record, those not so named, but who have a beneficial interest in the subject matter. 6 Abb. Pr. (N. S.; N. Y.) 147.

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