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Meaning of Arrangement

In the context of bankruptcy law, the term denotes any plan of a debtor for the settlement , satisfaction , or extension of the time of payment of his unsecured debts, upon any terms. Such a plan has to be proposed by the debtor either before or after his adjudication in bankruptcy.

Synonyms of Arrangement

(Ordering), noun

  • noun adaption
  • arraying
  • collocation
  • compositio
  • composition
  • conformation
  • conlocatio
  • formation
  • method
  • regularity
  • schematism
  • symmetry
  • systematization
  • uniformity

(Plan), noun

  • conception
  • concoction
  • contrivance
  • course of action
  • ground plan
  • layout
  • master plan
  • method
  • outline
  • program of action
  • schema
  • scheme
  • system
  • ssociated concepts: arrangement for the benefit of creditors

(Understanding), noun

  • abatement of differences
  • accommodation
  • accord
  • accordance
  • adjustment
  • adjustment by agreement
  • agreement
  • compact
  • compromise
  • concord
  • contract
  • entente
  • harmonization
  • mutual agreement
  • mutual assent
  • mutual promise
  • mutual undertaking
  • pact
  • proviso
  • reconciliation
  • restoration of harmony
  • settlement
  • terms
  • Associated Concepts: arrangement through a marital settlement

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English Legal System: Arrangement

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Arrangement :

1. (in commercial and company law)

See deed of arrangement; scheme of arrangement; voluntary arrangement.


See treaty.







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