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Meaning of Assent

Approve, ratify; implies conscious awareness of the facts.

Assent Alternative Definition

Approval of something done. An undertaking to do something in compliance with a request. In strictness, “assent” is to be distinguished from “consent,” which denotes a willingness that something about to be done be done; “acceptance,” compliance with, or receipt of, something offered; “ratification,” rendering valid something done without authority; and “approval,” an expression of satisfaction with some act done for the benefit of another besides the party approving. But in practice the term is often used in the sense of acceptance and approval. Thus, an offer is said to be assented to, although properly an offer and acceptance complete an agreement. It is apprehended that this confusion has arisen from the fact that a request, assent, and concurrence of the party requesting complete a contract as fully as an offer and acceptance. Thus, it is said there must be a request on one side, and assent on the other, in every contract (5 Bing. N. C. 75), and this assent be comes a promise enforceable by the party requesting, when he has done anything to entitle him to the right. Assent thus becomes in reality (so far as it is assent merely, and not acceptance) an offer made in response to a request. Assent and approval as applied to acts of parliament and of congress, have become confounded, from the fact that the bills of parliament were originally requests from parliament to the king. See 1 Bl. Comm. 183. Express assent is that which is openly declared. Implied assent is that which is presumed by law.

Synonyms of Assent


  • acceptance
  • accord
  • accordance
  • acknowledgment
  • acquiescence
  • adsensio
  • adsensus
  • affirmance
  • affirmation
  • agreement
  • approbation
  • approval
  • authorization
  • compliance
  • concord
  • concordance
  • concurrence
  • confirmation
  • consent
  • consentaneity
  • consonance
  • endorsement
  • permission
  • ratification
  • recognition
  • sanction
  • submission
  • willing consent
  • willingness
  • Associated Concepts: legal assent foreign phrases: Nemo videturfraudare eos qui sciunt et consentiunt
  • No one is considered as deceiving those who know and consent to his acts
  • Non refert an quis assensum suumpraefert verbis
  • aut rebus ipsis etfactis
  • It is immaterial whether a man gives assent by his words or by his acts and deeds

Synonyms of Assent


  • accede
  • accept
  • accord
  • acknowledge
  • acquiesce
  • ad nuere
  • adsentari
  • agree
  • allow
  • approve
  • authorize
  • comply
  • concede
  • concur
  • confirm
  • conform to
  • consent
  • embrace an offer
  • endorse
  • express concurrence
  • favor
  • give consent
  • homologate
  • permit
  • ratify
  • recognize
  • sanction
  • subscribe to
  • Associated Concepts: assent by acts
  • assent by gestures
  • assent by silence
  • express assent
  • implied assent
  • judicial assent
  • mutual assent
  • foreign phrases: Quinonprohibet idquodprohiberepotest assentire videtur
  • We who does not forbid what he is able to prevent
  • is deemed to assent
  • Qui tacet consentiré videtur
  • ubi tractatur de ejus commodo
  • He who is silent is deemed to consent

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English Spanish Translation of Assent

Consentimiento (cuando existe un vínculo y se supone que la respuesta será “Sí”)

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English Legal System: Assent

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Assent :

A document by which personal representatives transfer property to a beneficiary under a will or on intestacy. Under the Administration of Estates Act 1925 they may transfer *real estate (including leaseholds) to beneficiaries by an assent in writing, which must be signed by the personal representatives. A beneficiary’s title to the property is not complete until the assent has been effected. Personal representatives may also use an assent to vest land in trustees. An assent, once executed, relates back to the death of the deceased. Where an assent is made after 1998, it triggers registration of the land. If the land is already registered, the assent must be completed by registration

See land registratio



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Meaning of Assent


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