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A particular form of demand for money on a bank. A written order on a bank for payment of money on demand. state v Crawford, 13 La. Ann. 300. A check is a written order or request for the payment of money addressed to a bank or banker. Rogers v Durant, 11 S.Ct. 754, 140 U.S. 298, 35 L.Ed. 481. A check is a conditional payment only and therefore the holder may sue on his original claim which revives when payment on the check is refused. See Anderson v national Bank of Tacoma, 264 P. 8, 146 Wash. 520. The drawer of a check can stop payment on the check until the time of payment by the bank. The giving of a check does not operate as an assignment of the drawer’s funds on credit at the drawee’s bank. capital National Bank in Austin v Wootton, (Tex.Civ.App.) 369 S. W.2d 475. For a contrary view see Morrison v Bailey, 5 Ohio St. 13, 64 Am. Dec. 632.A check differs from a bill of exchange in that commonly a check is honored by presentment for payment while a bill of exchange by presentment for acceptance .

Check Alternative Definition

Contracts. A written order or request, addressed to a bank or persons carrying on the business of banking, by a party having money in their hands, on deposit, desiring them to pay, on presentment, to a person therein named, or bearer, or to such person, or order, a named sum of money. The chief differences between checks and bills of exchange are: First, a check is not due until presented, and, consequently, it can be negotiated any time before presentment, and yet not subject the holder to any equities existing between the previous parties. 3 Johns. Cas. (N. Y.) 5, 9; 9 Barn. & C. 388; Chit. Bills (8th Ed.) 546. Secondly, the drawer of a check is not discharged for want of immediate presentment with due diligence, while the drawer of a bill of exchange is. The drawer of a check is only discharged by such neglect when he sustains actual damage by it, and then only pro tanto. 6 Cow. (N. Y.) 484; Kent, Comm. lect. 44 (5th Ed.) p. 104, note; 3 Johns. Cas. (N. Y.) 5, 259; 10 Wend. (N. Y.) 306; 2 Hill (N. Y.) 425. Thirdly, the death of the drawer of a check rescinds the authority of the banker to pay it, while the death of the drawer of a bill of exchange does not alter the relations of the parties. 3 Man. & G. 571-573. Fourthly, checks, unlike bills of exchange, are always payable without grace. 25 Wend. (N. Y.) 672; 6 Hill (N. Y.) 174.

Synonyms of Check

(Bar), noun

  • abeyance
  • arrest
  • barricade
  • barrier
  • block
  • blockage
  • cessation
  • checkmate
  • control
  • curb
  • damper
  • deadlock
  • deadstop
  • delay
  • detainment
  • detention
  • disruption
  • drawback
  • embargo
  • estoppel
  • foil
  • frustration
  • full stop
  • halt
  • hindrance
  • impediment
  • impedimentum
  • impedition
  • injunction
  • interference
  • interruption
  • limitation
  • mora
  • obstacle
  • obstruction
  • opposition
  • preclusion
  • prohibition
  • proscription
  • rebuff
  • regulation
  • rejection
  • restraint
  • restriction
  • retardation
  • retardment
  • standstill
  • stop
  • stoppage
  • stopper
  • suspension
  • trammel

(Inspect), verb

  • audit
  • balance accounts
  • canvass
  • case
  • check up
  • examine
  • experiment
  • explore
  • go over
  • inquire into
  • inventory
  • investigate
  • keep watch
  • look for flaws
  • look into
  • look over
  • make a reconnaissance
  • make a trial run
  • monitor
  • observe
  • overhaul
  • overlook
  • oversee
  • peruse
  • probe
  • query
  • question
  • quiz
  • reconnoiter
  • reexamine
  • regard carefully
  • regulate
  • review
  • run checks on
  • run tests on
  • sample
  • scan
  • scrutinize
  • search into
  • see about
  • study
  • subject to scrutiny
  • superintend
  • supervise
  • survey
  • take stock
  • test
  • try
  • verify
  • watch

(Instrument), noun

  • bank paper
  • banknote
  • bill
  • bill of exchange
  • certificate
  • commercial instrument
  • commercial paper
  • debenture
  • draft
  • fiduciary currency
  • money order
  • negotiable paper
  • note
  • order on a bank
  • paper money
  • security
  • sight draft
  • treasury note Associated Concepts: acceptance of a check
  • altered check
  • bad check
  • bank check
  • bearer check
  • bill of exchange
  • cashier’s check
  • certified check
  • check payable on demand
  • conditional check
  • conversion of a check
  • delivery of a check
  • deposit of a check
  • dishonored check
  • drawee
  • drawer
  • endorsed check
  • endorsement
  • forged check
  • holder in due course of a check
  • insufficient funds
  • order check
  • pay check
  • payee
  • payment of a check
  • postdated check
  • presentment of a check
  • registered check
  • time check
  • unauthorized endorsement
  • worthless check

(Restrain), verb

  • abate
  • adjust
  • arrest
  • attemper
  • bate
  • block
  • bring to a standstill
  • call a halt
  • cause a stoppage
  • constrain
  • control
  • countercheck
  • curb
  • cut off
  • delay
  • detain
  • deter
  • diminish
  • discourage
  • dissuade
  • draw rein
  • encumber
  • estop
  • freeze
  • frustrate
  • halt
  • head off
  • hinder
  • hold in check
  • impair
  • impede
  • impedite
  • inhibit
  • intercept
  • interrupt
  • intervene
  • keep back
  • keep under control
  • lay under restraint
  • limit
  • obstruct
  • overpower
  • put a restraint upon
  • put a stop to
  • put an end to
  • put under restraint
  • restrain
  • restrict
  • retard
  • run counter
  • set back
  • slow
  • slow down
  • stalemate
  • stand in the way
  • stem
  • stop
  • stultify
  • suppress
  • thwart
  • undermine

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