Financial Analysis

Hierarchical Display of Financial analysis Business And Competition > Management > Financial management
European Union > EU finance > EU financing > Economic analysis
European Union > EU finance > EU financing > Accounting
Business And Competition > Accounting > Management accounting […]

Work Productivity

Hierarchical Display of Work productivity Employment And Working Conditions > Organisation of work and working conditions > Organisation of work > Work study
Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Farming systems > Agricultural performance > Agricultural productivity
Business And […]

Budgetary Control

Hierarchical Display of Budgetary control Finance > Budget > Implementation of the budget
European Union > EU institutions and European civil service > EU institution > European Court of Auditors
Business And Competition > Accounting > Management accounting > Auditing Meaning of […]

Production Policy

Hierarchical Display of Production policy Agri-Foodstuffs > Production
Economics > Economic policy > Economic policy
Production, Technology And Research > Research and intellectual property > Research policy
Industry > Industrial structures and policy > Industrial policy > Industrial […]


Legal Definition of Investment

Meaning of Investment

The use of money for the purpose of making more money, to gain income, increase capital, or both.

Synonyms of Investment




Competitiveness in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: the ability of a firm, a production sector or even a country to hold its own in terms of economic efficiency against other firms, sectors or countries. Governments sometimes try to improve the […]