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Meaning of Present

To tender or offer . A bill of exchange is said to be presented for acceptance when it is tendered or exhibited to the drawee with an express or implied demand for acceptance or payment .A gift, gratuity . Now existing, at hand, relating to the present time.

Present Alternative Definition

A gift, or, more properly, the thing given.

Synonyms of Present

(Attendant), adjective

  • accessible
  • accounted for
  • adjacent
  • at close quarters
  • at hand
  • available
  • close
  • close at hand
  • close Dy
  • convenient
  • handy
  • in attendance
  • in the company of
  • in the presence of
  • in the vicinity
  • in view
  • near at hand
  • nearby
  • nigh
  • on hand
  • on the spot
  • praesens
  • proximate
  • unremoved
  • vicinal
  • within reach

(Current), adjective

  • at hand
  • at this moment
  • at this time
  • attendant
  • available
  • contemporaneous
  • contemporary
  • current
  • existent
  • existing
  • extant
  • going on
  • here
  • immediate
  • in view
  • instant
  • latest
  • living
  • modern
  • near
  • near in time
  • nigh
  • on the spot
  • praesens
  • presentday
  • presenttime
  • prevalent
  • ready
  • recent
  • topical
  • ubiquitary
  • ubiquitous
  • unremoved
  • uptodate
  • uptotheminute Associated Concepts: clear and present danger
  • present ability
  • present consideration
  • present controversy
  • present enjoyment
  • present gift
  • present interest
  • present transfer

(Introduce), verb

  • demonstrate
  • disclose
  • display
  • exhibit
  • expose to view
  • give an introduction
  • introducere
  • make acquainted
  • make an introduction
  • make known
  • offer
  • offer evidence
  • open to view
  • propose
  • put forth
  • set forth
  • show
  • suggest
  • uncover
  • unveil
  • Associated Concepts: present a case
  • present evidence

(Make a gift), verb

  • accord
  • allot
  • award
  • bequeath
  • bestow
  • confer
  • contribute
  • convey
  • deed
  • deliver
  • dispense
  • dole out
  • donare
  • donate
  • endow
  • extend
  • furnish
  • give
  • give as a gift
  • give over
  • grant
  • hand
  • hand over
  • impart
  • let have
  • make over
  • mete out
  • munerari
  • offer
  • place at one’s disposal
  • proffer
  • provide
  • remit
  • render
  • supply
  • tender
  • vouchsafe

(Prefer charges), verb

  • accuse
  • blame
  • charge
  • cite
  • criminate
  • fix the responsibility
  • implicate
  • impute
  • incriminate
  • lodge a complaint
  • prefer charges
  • Associated Concepts: present an indictment

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This term is a verb.

Etimology of Present

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c. 1300, “introduce (someone or something) formally or ceremonially;” also “make a formal presentation of; give as a gift or award; bestow,” from Old French presenter (11c., Modern French présenter) and directly from Latin praesentare “to place before, show, exhibit,” from stem of praesens (see present (adj.)). From late 14c. as “exhibit (something), offer for inspection, display;” also, in law, “make a formal complaint or charge of wrongdoing.” From c. 1400 as”represent, portray.” Related: Presented; presenting.


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