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Meaning of Claim

The assertion of a right to a remedy , relief or property . Frequently used as synonymous with cause of action . The right to demand something of another. Frequently the term is used to refer to a pleading delivered on behalf of a plaintiff . The word is also used as denoting the assertion of a right to a payment in money , as in a claim against a fund. A challenge of interest of anything which is in another’s possession , or at least out of a man’s own possession, as a claim by charter , descent , etc.

Claim Alternative Definition

A challenge of the ownership of a thing which is wrongfully withheld from the possession of the claimant. Plowd. 359. See 1 Dall. (Pa.) 444; 12 Serg. & R. (Pa.) 179. The owner of property proceeded against in admiralty by a suit in rem must present a claim to such property, verified by oath or affirmation, stating that the claimant by whom or on whose behalf the claim is made, and no other person, is the true and bona fide owner thereof, as a necessary preliminary to his making defense. 2 Conkl. Adm. 201-210. A demand entered of record of a mechanic or materialman for work done or material furnished in the erection of a building, In certain counties in Pennsylvania. The assertion of a liability to the party making it to do some service or pay a sum of money. See 16 Pet. (U.S.) 539. The possession of a settler upon the wild lands of the government of the United ‘ States; the lands which such a settler holds possession of.

What does Claim mean?

Form submitted to a payer (by a health care provider or patient) to request payment for items or services

Synonyms of Claim

(Assertion), noun

  • affirmation
  • allegation
  • asseveration
  • averment
  • avouchment
  • avowal
  • declaration
  • position
  • predication
  • presentation
  • proposition
  • statement Associated Concepts: claimed use
  • disputed claims
  • doubtful claims
  • false claim
  • fictitious claims
  • fraudulent claimsforeign phrases: Debitorum pactionibus creditorum petitionee tollinecminuipotest
  • The rights of creditors to sue cannot be prejudiced or diminished by agreements between their debtors

(Demand), verb

  • ask for
  • assert as one’s own
  • assert as one’s right
  • declare one’s right
  • dun
  • exact as due
  • have a right
  • insist upon
  • make demands on
  • petition
  • press
  • pretend
  • reclaim
  • request
  • require
  • requisition
  • seek as due
  • sue
  • think one deserves
  • vindicate a right
  • vindicate a title Associated Concepts: claim against an estate
  • claim and demand
  • claim arising from a contract
  • claim for relief
  • claim of right
  • claim of title
  • compensation claim
  • contingent claim
  • counterclaim
  • court of claims
  • fraud claim
  • insurance claim
  • money claim
  • ownership claim
  • valid claim

(Legal demand), noun

  • accusation
  • adjuration
  • bill of complaint
  • cause of action
  • challenge
  • command
  • complaint
  • counterclaim
  • declaration
  • exaction
  • obsecration
  • plea
  • postulate
  • postulatio
  • presentment
  • requirement
  • suit
  • ultimatum Associated Concepts: allowed claim
  • claim against bankrupt estate
  • claim against estate
  • claim and demand
  • claim arising on contract
  • claim for alternative relief
  • claim for support
  • claim of a creditor
  • claim of interest
  • claim or defense notice of claim
  • claimed on appeal
  • claimed use
  • claims ex delicto
  • colorable claim
  • common law claim
  • compensation claim
  • conflicting claims
  • contingent claims
  • counter claim
  • court of claims
  • cross claim
  • disputed claims
  • doubtful claims
  • equitable claims
  • fictitious claims
  • fixed claims
  • fraudulent claims
  • frivolous claims
  • illegal claims
  • indeterminate claims
  • individual claim
  • insurance claim
  • just claim
  • lawful claim
  • money claim
  • moral claims
  • particular nature of claims
  • prior claim
  • proof of claim
  • provable claim
  • secured claim
  • settlement of claim
  • stale claim
  • subordination of claim
  • subsequent claims
  • undisputed claim
  • unliquidated claims
  • unmatured claimsforeign phrases: Rogationes
  • quaestiones
  • etpositiones debent esse simplices
  • Demands
  • questions
  • and claims ought to be simple

(Maintain), verb

  • advocate
  • affirm
  • allege
  • assert
  • asseverate
  • attest
  • aver
  • avouch
  • avow
  • certify
  • charge
  • contend
  • declare
  • hold
  • insist
  • make a statement
  • make an assertion
  • predicate
  • profess
  • propound
  • put forward
  • say
  • stand firm
  • state
  • utter with conviction
  • vow
  • warrant Associated Concepts: claimed use

(Right), noun

  • beneficial interest
  • contingent interest
  • due
  • equitable interest
  • expectancy
  • heritage
  • interest
  • legacy
  • ownership
  • privilege
  • share
  • stake
  • title
  • vested interest Associated Concepts: claim of ownership
  • claim of right
  • claim of title

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English Spanish Translation of Claim

Reclamo, Demanda
To claim: Demandar

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Claim in Law Enforcement

Main Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of claim.

Meaning of Claim in Spanish

Description/ translation of claim into Spanish: en términos generales, pretensión, reivindicación; en materia penal, significa también alegación o argumento; colorable claim: alegación verosímil, argumento sostenible[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where claim belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

  1. Translation of Claim published by Antonio Peñaranda


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Further Reading

English Legal System: Claim

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Claim :

A demand for a remedy or assertion of a right, especially the right to take a particular case to court (right of action). The term is used in civil litigation

See also claim form; part 20 claim.

Concept of Claim in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Claim: An assertion of some right or demand.

Claim in Voting Law

Definition of Claim in the context of the United States election law: In elections, a claim is an expression of nonconformity regarding a decision or lack of action that is brought before a given authority. A claim can be filed by different electoral actors, and is often followed by a formal complaint. (See: Complaint)

Concept of Claim in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Claim: An assertion of some right or demand.

Claim in Voting Law

Definition of Claim in the context of the United States election law: In elections, a claim is an expression of nonconformity regarding a decision or lack of action that is brought before a given authority. A claim can be filed by different electoral actors, and is often followed by a formal complaint. (See: Complaint)


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