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These are statements of material facts concerning the cause and circumstances of the homicide made by the victim under the fixed and solemn belief that his death is inevitable and near at hand, without any hope of recovery . Such statements are admissible in evidence on the principle that they are declarations made in extremity, when the party is at the point of death, and when every hope of this world is gone; when every motive to falsehood is silenced, and the mind is induced by the most powerful considerations to speak the truth . Pettigrew v state , (Okl. Crim.) 554 P.2d 1186. Even though such statement is admissible, it must be restricted to the act of killing and to the circumstances immediately attending same and form a part of the ÔÔres gestae’-, as to who were the actors, where it occurred, the positions of the persons, what was said by the parties , the instrument or weapon used, and how the homicide was committed. See State v Baldwin, 45 N. W. 297, 79 Iowa 714.

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In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Dying Declaration : An oral or written statement by a person on the point of death concerning the cause of his death. A dying declaration is admissible at a trial for the murder or the manslaughter of the declarant as an exception to the rule against *hearsay evidence, provided that he would have been a competent witness had he survived (See competence). Case law requires that the person making the dying declaration must have had a “settled, hopeless expectation of death”.







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