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Meaning of Interfere

To check ; hamper ; hinder; disturb ; intervene ; interpose ; to enter into the concerns of others against their wishes. To be opposition, to run at cross purposes, to enter into or take a part in the concern of others; to intermeddle . In patent law, the term denotes a proceeding initiated by the Commissioner patents to determine the priority of invention between two or more parties claiming. same subject matter.

Synonyms of Interfere


  • arrest
  • bar
  • be an obstacle
  • block
  • break in
  • burden
  • check
  • clog
  • counteract
  • countervail
  • cramp
  • cripple
  • cross
  • curb
  • deter
  • disallow
  • disturb
  • encroach
  • encumber
  • entrammel
  • fetter
  • foil
  • forbid
  • hamper
  • handicap
  • hinder
  • impede
  • infringe
  • inhibit
  • intercede
  • intercept
  • interject
  • intermeddle
  • intermit
  • interpellare
  • interpose
  • interrupt
  • intervene
  • intervenire
  • intrude
  • invade
  • meddle
  • obstruct
  • preclude
  • prevent
  • prohibit
  • retard
  • stop
  • thwart
  • work against
  • Associated Concepts: interference with business relations
  • interference with contract rights
  • interference with interstate commerce
  • unreasonable interference foreign phrases: Forstellarius estpauperum depressor et totius communitatis etpatriae publicus inimicus
  • A forestaller is an enemy of the poor
  • and a public enemy of the country
  • Nemo debet immiscere se rei ad se nihilpertinenti
  • No one should interfere with a thing that in no respect concerns him

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