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Meaning of Legal

lawful ; according to common law as distinguished from equity ; conforming to law; permitted or not forbidden by law.

Synonyms of Legal


  • according to the law
  • allowable
  • allowed
  • approved
  • authorized
  • authorized by law
  • cognizable in courts of law
  • constitutional
  • decreed
  • enforceable in a court of law
  • established bylaw
  • good and effectual in law
  • governed by law
  • in conformity with law
  • lawful
  • legalized
  • legitimate
  • legitimus
  • licit
  • permissible
  • permitted by law
  • prescribed
  • prescribed by law
  • proper
  • quod ex lege
  • recognized by the law
  • required by law
  • rightful
  • sanctioned
  • secundum leges fit
  • statutory
  • sufficient in law
  • valid
  • warranted
  • within the law
  • Associated Concepts: legal action
  • legal age
  • legal arrest
  • legal beneficiaries
  • legal capacity to sue
  • legal cause
  • legal claim
  • legal consideration
  • legal damages
  • legal detriment
  • legal disability
  • legal duty
  • legal entity
  • legal heir
  • legal notice
  • legal obligation
  • legal presumption
  • legal proceedings
  • legal process
  • legal remedy
  • legal representative
  • legal tender
  • legal title
  • foreign phrases: Idpossumusquoddejurepossumus
  • We may do only that which we are able to do lawfully

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Legal in the Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims

Latin legalis. Pertaining to the understanding, the exposition, the administration, the science and the practice of law: as, the legal profession, legal advice; legal blanks, newspaper. Implied or imputed in law. Opposed to actual. “Legal” looks more to the letter, and “Lawful” to the spirit, of the law. “Legal” is more appropriate for conformity to positive rules of law; “Lawful” for accord with ethical principle. “Legal” imports rather that the forms of law are observed, that the proceeding is correct in method, that rules prescribed have been obeyed; “Lawful” that the right is actful in substance, that moral quality is secured. “Legal” is the antithesis of “equitable”, and the equivalent of “constructive”. 2 Abbott’s Law Dict. 24.

Note: This legal definition of Legal in the Dictionary of Law (English and American Jurisprudence) is from 1893.

English Spanish Translation of Legal

Legal, jurídico, legítimo; lícito, permitido por la Ley

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Crime: legal


This term is an adjetive.

Etimology of Legal

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mid-15c. “of or pertaining to the law,” from Old French légal “legal” (14c.) or directly from Latin legalis “pertaining to the law,” from lex (genitive legis) “an enactment; a precept, regulation, principle, rule; formal proposition for a law, motion, bill; a contract, arrangement, contrivance. This probably is related to legere “to gather,” from PIE root *leg- (1) “to collect, gather,” with derivatives meaning “to speak (to ‘pick out words’).” Perhaps the noun is from the verb on the notion of “a collection of rules,” but de Vaan seems to imply that the evolution is the reverse: The verb legare and its compounds all have a meaning which involves a ‘task, assignment,’ and can therefore be interpreted as derivatives of lex ‘law.’ The [Proto-Italic] root noun *leg- ‘law’ can be interpreted as a ‘collection’ of rules. Whether the root noun existed already in PIE is uncertain for lack of precise cognates. Sense of “permitted by law” is from 1640s. Related: Legally. Not etymologically related to law; this term is also a noun., q.v. The usual Old French form was leial, loial (see leal, loyal). Legal tender “money which the creditor is bound by law to accept” is from 1740 (see tender (n.2)). A legal holiday (1867) is one established by statute or proclamation and during which government business is usually suspended.

Definition of Legal

In relation to social issues, a meaning of legal is provided here: according to the law; permitted by law; lawful



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