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Meaning of Liable

Generally, means bound, responsible , answerable, chargeable, in law or in equity . The word liable is not a legal term and has no technical meaning. The exact meaning may vary according to the context.

Synonyms of Liable


  • accountable
  • amenable
  • answerable
  • bound in equity
  • bound in law
  • bound to
  • bound to respond
  • chargeable
  • exposed to
  • exposed to penalty
  • in danger
  • justly responsible
  • legally bound
  • legally responsible
  • obligated
  • obliged
  • obliged in law’
  • obnoxius
  • responsible
  • subject to
  • susceptible
  • under legal obligation
  • under obligation
  • vulnerable
  • Associated Concepts: jointly liable
  • liable for debts
  • liable in tort
  • liable to forfeiture
  • liable to penalty
  • liable to prosecution
  • liable to punishment
  • party liable
  • personally liable
  • secondarily liable

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Meaning of Liable in the U.S. Legal System

Definition of Liable published by the National Association for Court Management: Legally responsible.

Concept of Liable in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Liable: Obligated, responsible.

Concept of Liable in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Liable: Obligated, responsible.


This term is an adjetive.

Etimology of Liable

(You may find liable at the world legal encyclopedia and the etimology of more terms).

mid-15c., “bound or obliged by law,” probably from Anglo-French *liable, from Old French lier “to bind, tie up, fasten, tether; bind by obligation” (12c.), from Latin ligare “to bind, to tie” (see ligament). With -able. Perhaps from an unattested word in Old French or Medieval Latin. General sense of “exposed to” (something undesirable) is from 1590s. Incorrect use for “likely” is attested by 1850.







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