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Meaning of Company

An association of persons formed for the purpose of some business or undertaking carried on in the name of the association and which association has been made a legal entity by the grant of a charter or incorporating document pursuant to the statutes in that behalf. Distinguished from a partnership in that the liability of a shareholder in the company is limited to the extent of the amount of his subscription for his share whereas ordinarily a partner’s liability is not so limited. A company can also be formed by a special act of the legislature. Companies may be divided into two categories, namely , those that offer their shares to the public at large and those that do not. Further, companies can also be divided into those that have a share capital and those that do not. All companies incorporated for the purpose of gain have share capital, whereas those incorporated for religious or charitable purposes do not.

Company Alternative Definition

An association of a number of individuals for the purpose of carrying on some legitimate business. This term is not synonymous with “partnership,” though every such unincorporated company is a partnership. Usage has reserved the term to associations whose members are in greater number, their- capital more considerable, and their enterprises greater, either on account of their risk or importance. When these companies are authorized by the government, they are known by the name of “corporations.” Sometimes the word is used to represent those members of a partnership whose names do not appear in the name of the firm. See 12 Toullier, Dr. Civ. 97.

Synonyms of Company

(Assemblage), noun

  • aggregation
  • assembled body
  • assemblée
  • assembly
  • attroupement
  • caucas
  • coalition
  • conclave
  • conference
  • confluence
  • conflux
  • congregation
  • congress
  • convention
  • convergence
  • convocation
  • crowd
  • gathering
  • group
  • ingathering
  • league
  • meeting
  • mustering
  • societas

(Enterprise), noun

  • association
  • body corporate
  • business
  • business establishment
  • coetus
  • combination
  • commercial enterprise
  • concern
  • confederacy
  • consociation
  • copartnership
  • corporate body
  • corporation
  • establishment
  • federation
  • firm
  • grex
  • guild
  • institute
  • joint concern
  • organization
  • partnership
  • Associated Concepts: affiliated company
  • company union
  • construction company
  • corporation
  • holding company

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Company in the Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims

Applied to persons engaged in trade, those united for the same purpose or in a joint concern. Palmer v. Pinkham, 33 Me. 36 (1851).

Note: This legal definition of Company in the Dictionary of Law (English and American Jurisprudence) is from 1893.

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Further Reading

English Legal System: Company

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Company :

An association formed to conduct business or other activities in the name of the associatio Most companies are incorporated (See incorporation) and therefore have a legal personality distinct from those of their members. Incorporation is usually by registration under the Companies Act 1985 (See registration of a company) but may be by private Act of Parliament (See statutory company) or by royal charter (chartered company). Shareholders and directors are generally protected when the company goes out of business.

See foreign company; limited company; private company; public company; unlimited company; welsh company.

Company Definition (in the Accounting Vocabulary)

The New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants offers the following definition of Company in a way that is easy for anybody to understand: Organization engaged in business as a PROPRIETORSHIP, PARTNERSHIP, CORPORATION, or other form of enterprise.

Company in the National Security Context

A definition and brief description of Company in relation to national security is as follows:The The nickname for the CIA (United States Central Intelligence Agency).


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