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Below you will find specific information on social terms, where you may choose a link from the list to get started. In this label about social terms : Browse below many Social Terms legal words and phrases for clear definitions written for you. A free and easy guide to the language of Social Terms from the dictionary experts at the Lawi Project.


 Free Market Economy

Definition of  Free Market Economy In relation to social issues, a meaning of  free market economy is provided here: an economy in which individuals decide the economic questions in the market place.

Categories: A. Tags: Social Terms.


Allegiance in Law Enforcement Main Entry: Law Enforcement in the Legal Dictionary. This section provides, in the context of Law Enforcement, a partial definition of allegiance. Grammar This term is a noun. Etimology of Allegiance (You may find allegiance at the world legal encyclopedia and the [...]

Categories: A, Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law, and Roman Law. Tags: AL, Etimology, Police, and Social Terms.


Legal Definition and Related Resources of Anarchy Meaning of Anarchy The absence of all political government; by extension, confusion in government. A state of society where there is no law or supreme power. 122 111. 253. Browse You might [...]

Categories: A, Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Roman Law, and Synonyms. Tags: AN, Etimology, Foregin Policy, Foreign Affairs, Governance, Law Enforcement, and Social Terms.


What does Apartheid mean in American Law? The definition of Apartheid in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is: An Afrikaans (i.e., South African Dutch) word meaning "apartness," denominating the South African [...]

Categories: A, Civil Law, International Law, Political doctrines, and Roman Law. Tags: Africa , Anti-discriminatory measure, AP, Apartheid, Collective Rights, Etimology, Law, Racial discrimination, Racial segregation, Rights and freedoms, Social Science, and Social Terms.


Arbitration in the law of the United States BBBAAAXXX Arbitration: Related U.S. Resources Arbitration in the American Law Encyclopedia Judicial Function Keywords in the U.S. Legal Corpus Judicial Function Topics in the United States Legal Dictionary See Also Mediation (Judicial Function). [...]

Categories: A, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, and Roman Law. Tags: Admiralty Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Arbitration, AR, Banking, Commerce Policy, Court System, Etimology, Finance, Financial institutions and credit, Formato Extenso, International Relations, International security, International Trade, Judicial Function , Judicial Function, Judicial proceedings, Justice, Law, Long Read, Peace, practice, Procedural Law, Settlement of disputes, Social Terms, Trade, Trade Policy, and Trade relations.


Legal Definition and Related Resources of Authority Meaning of Authority jurisdiction , as in the term authority of a judge . permission , the power delegated to one person by another. Such a power may be express , implied or imposed by law. [...]

Categories: A, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Definition, Family Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, Roman Law, and Synonyms. Tags: Agent Authority, AU, Business, Contracts, Election System, Etimology, Finance, Formato Extenso, Governance, Government, Law Enforcement, Long Read, Principal, Social Science, Social Terms, and Voting.


Legal Definition and Related Resources of Barter Meaning of Barter The exchange of goods or services without using money . See Rosenberg v state , 276, A.2d 708, 12 Md. App. 20. Barter Alternative [...]

Categories: B, Civil Law, Definition, International Law, International Trade Dictionary, Public administration, Roman Law, and Synonyms. Tags: BA, Business, Economic structure, Economics, Finance, Import Export Terms, International Trade Definition, Markets, Social Terms, Trade, and Trading operation.