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Something conferred upon a person upon the death of an ancestor , by reason of a past or present disposition , or by devolution of law. Also, the act or right of legal or official investment with a predecessor ‘s office , dignity , possession or function. In relation to corporations, it is said that the power of perpetual succession is one of its peculiar properties. Said to be hereditary where a man on the death of his ancestor acquires his estate by right of representation as his heir at law. It is intestate where the ancestor has died without leaving a will or leaving a will which has been annulled or set aside.

Succession Alternative Definition

In Louisiana. The right and transmission of the rights and obligations of the deceased to his heirs. The estate, rights, and charges which a person leaves after his death, whether the property exceed the charges, or the charges exceed the property, or whether he has left only charges without property. The succession not only includes the rights and obligations of the deceased as they exist at the time of his death, but all that has accrued thereto since the opening of the succession, as also of the new charges to which it becomes subject. That right by which the heir can take possession of the estate of the deceased, such as it may be.
(1) Irregular succession is that which is established by law in favor of certain persons, or of the estate in default of heirs, either legal or instituted by testament.
(2) Legal succession is that which is established in favor of the nearest relations of the deceased.
(3) Testamentary succession is that which results from the constitution of the heir, contained in a testament executed in the form prescribed by law. See “Heir;” “Descent;” Poth. des Success.; TouUier, Dr. Civ. lib. 3, tit. 1. In Common Law. The mode by which one set of persons, members of a corporation aggregate, acquire the rights of another set which preceded them. This term in Strictness is to be applied only to such corporations. 2 Bl. jComm. 430. In Stirpes. The lineal descendants, infinitum, of any person deceased, shall represent their ancestor who stand in the same place as the person himself would have done had he been living. These representatives take neither more nor less, but just so much as their principals would have done. 114 111. 605. See “Per Stirpes; Stirpes.”

Synonyms of Succession


  • chain
  • concatenation
  • consecution
  • consecutive order
  • continuatio
  • cycle
  • descent
  • devolution
  • family
  • issue
  • lineage
  • offspring
  • order
  • posterity
  • procession
  • progeny
  • progression
  • sequence
  • series
  • successorship
  • train Associated Concepts: hereditary succession
  • intestate succession
  • legal succession
  • line of succession
  • natural succession
  • successor employer
  • successor interest
  • testamentary successionforeign phrases: Haereditas est successio in universum jus quod defunctus habuerit
  • Inheritance is the succession to every right which the deceased had possessed
  • Haereditas nihil aliud est
  • quam successio in universum jus
  • quod defunctus habuerit
  • An inheritance is nothing other than the succession to all the rights which the deceased had
  • Qui in jus dominiumve alterius succedit jure ejusuti debet
  • One who succeeds to the ownership rights of another
  • should enjoy the rights of the other
  • Non debeo melioris conditionis esse
  • quam auctor meus a quo jus in me transit
  • I ought not to be in better condition than he to whose rights i succeed

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Concept of Succession in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Succession: The passing of real property by will or inheritance, rather than by grant deed or any other form of purchase.

Concept of Succession in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Succession: The passing of real property by will or inheritance, rather than by grant deed or any other form of purchase.



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