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Meaning of Request

To ask for earnestly, to desire for, to solicit , entreat, petition . In its ordinary sense, the term does not convey any imperatives. However in certain context, it may impose a legal obligation to comply ; in a will sometimes the term may amount to a disposition or may impose a duty. See Carpenter v Well’s administrator , Ky. 272 S. W.2d 659; Colton v Colton, 127 U.S. 300, 8 S.Ct. 1164, 32 L.Ed. 138. Also the term is used in penal statutes as equivalent to demand as when a police officer is said to request a sample of the breath of a suspect . See Dept, of public Safety v Powers, (Ky.) 453 S. W.2d260. The term is also sometimes used as synonymous for at the instance of’.

Request Alternative Definition

(Lat. requiro, to ask for). In Contracts. A notice of a desire on the part of the person making it that the other party shall do something in relation to a contract. Generally, when a debt is payable immediately, no request need be made. 10 Mass. 230; 3 Day (Conn.) 327; IJohns. Cas. (N. Y.) 319. In Pleading. The statement in the plaintiff’s declaration that a demand or request has been made by the plaintiff of the defendant to do some act which he was bound to perform, and for which the action is brought. A general request is that stated in the form, although often requested so to do” (licet saepe, requisitus) , generally added in the common breach to the money counts. Its omission will not vitiate the declaration. 2 H. Bl. 131; 1 Wils. 33; 1 Bos. & P. 59; 1 Johns. Cas. (N. Y.) 100. A special request is one provided for by the contract expressly or impliedly. Such a request must be averred (5 Term R. 409; 1 East, 204; 3 Bulst. 297; 3 Campb. 549; 2 Barn. & C. 685) and proved (1 Saund. 32, note 2) . It must state time and place of making, and by whom it was made, that the court may judge of its sufficiency. 1 Strange, 89; Comyn, Dig. “Pleader” (C 69, 70); 1 Saund. 33, note; 2 Vent. 75. See “Demand.” In wills, see “Precatory Words.”

Synonyms of Request


  • adjure
  • appeal
  • apply for
  • ask for
  • beckon
  • beg for
  • beseech
  • bid
  • cadge
  • call for
  • canvass
  • claim
  • clamor for
  • command
  • cry for
  • demand
  • desire
  • dun
  • enjoin
  • entreat
  • exact
  • impetrate
  • implorare
  • implore
  • importune
  • invite
  • make application
  • mendicate
  • nag
  • obsecrare
  • obtest
  • order
  • petition
  • petition for
  • plead for
  • pray
  • put in for
  • require
  • requisition
  • rogare
  • seek
  • send for
  • solicit
  • sue for
  • summon
  • supplicate
  • urge
  • want


  • appeal
  • application
  • asking
  • begging
  • behest
  • beseechment
  • bid
  • call
  • claim
  • demand
  • desideratum
  • entreaty
  • exaction
  • expressed desire
  • impetration
  • imploration
  • importunity
  • insistence
  • invitation
  • invocation
  • motion
  • obsecration
  • order
  • petition
  • plea
  • postulatio
  • postulation
  • prayer
  • preces
  • proposal
  • requirement
  • requisition
  • rogatio
  • solicitation
  • suggestion
  • supplication
  • wish

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Meaning of Request (to) in Spanish

Description/ translation of request (to) into Spanish: pedir, solicitar[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where request (to) belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

  1. Translation of Request (to) published by Antonio Peñaranda




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