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Meaning of Express

clear ; definite ; explicit ; unmistakable; not dubious or ambiguous. The word is usually contrasted with implied .

Express Alternative Definition

Stated or declared, as opposed to implied. That which is made known, and not left to implication.

Synonyms of Express


  • advised
  • aforethought
  • calculated
  • categorical
  • certain
  • clear
  • clearly indicated
  • clearly stated
  • conscious
  • decided
  • defined
  • definite
  • deliberate
  • determinate
  • direct
  • distinct
  • distinctly indicated
  • distinctly stated
  • emphatic
  • especially prepared
  • exact
  • explicit
  • fixed
  • intended
  • intended for a specific purpose
  • intentional
  • meant
  • not accidental
  • not by chance
  • outlined beforehand
  • outspoken
  • particular
  • peculiar
  • plain
  • planned
  • planned in advance
  • positive
  • prearranged
  • precise
  • predetermined
  • premeditated
  • purposeful
  • purposive
  • single
  • specially prepared
  • specific
  • specified
  • unambiguous
  • unequivocal
  • willful
  • with forethought Associated Concepts: express abrogation
  • express agreement
  • express authority
  • express condition
  • express contract
  • express covenant
  • express malice
  • express notice
  • express permission
  • express promise
  • express terms
  • express trust
  • express warranty


  • affirm
  • air
  • allege
  • articulate
  • assert
  • asseverate
  • aver
  • breathe
  • comment
  • communicate
  • convey
  • couch in terms
  • declarare
  • declare
  • denote
  • describe
  • disclose
  • enumerate
  • enunciate
  • exprimere
  • find words for
  • formulate
  • give expression to
  • give vent to
  • give voice to
  • impart
  • indicate
  • make a statement
  • make an assertion
  • make explicit
  • make known
  • make plain
  • manifest directly
  • mouth
  • observe
  • phrase
  • predicate
  • present
  • proclaim
  • pronounce
  • put in words
  • remark
  • say
  • set down
  • set forth
  • set forth in words
  • show
  • significare
  • speak
  • state
  • state directly
  • state with conviction
  • tell
  • utter
  • vent
  • verbalize
  • voiceforeign phrases: Quoties in verbis nulla est ambiguitas
  • ibi nulla expositio contra verba fienda est
  • Whenever there is no ambiguity in the words
  • then no exposition contrary to the words should be made
  • Tacita quaedam habentur pro expressis
  • Certain things
  • though unexpressed
  • are considered as explicit
  • Expressio unius est exclusio alterius
  • Expression of one thing is the exclusion of another
  • Expressio eorum quae tacite insunt nihil operatur
  • The expression of those things which are tacitly implied has no effect

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Concept of Express in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Express: Clear and definite; set forth, as opposed to implied.

Concept of Express in the context of Real Property

A short definition of Express: Clear and definite; set forth, as opposed to implied.



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