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Meaning of Notice

Any fact which would put an ordinary prudent person on inquiry. knowledge or cognizance , information , intelligence. Notice may be either actual or constructive . Actual and express where notice of any fact is given to a person, either orally or in writing . See Thomas v Flint, 123 Mich. 10, 81 N. W. 936. Where a fact is communicated to a person in such a way that his mind can and does take cognizance of it. St.Louis-San Francisco R. Co. v state , 179 Ark. 1128, 20 S. W.2d 878. implied where the law presumes such knowledge on the part of a person. Notice is said to be constructive in circumstances where a party having knowledge of circumstances which would naturally lead him to inquiry, abstains from such inquiry in order to avoid acquiring the knowledge in question . See warren v Stan- cliff, 157 Conn. 216, 251 A.2d 74; Jones v New York Guaranty & Ins. Co., 101 U.S. 622, 25 L.Ed. 1030. Notice may also be imputed by law, as where notice is given to joint tenants or those engaged j ointly in a wrongful project, it is deemed to be notice to all joint tenants and participants. See Mammoth Oil Co. v United States , 275 U.S. 13, 48 S.Ct. 1, 72 L.Ed. 137.

Notice Alternative Definition

Information, whether actual or presumptive, and whether direct or indirect, respecting a matter of fact. Notice is either (1) actual, consisting of information actually received, or (2) constructive, consisting of facts which, by implication of law, constitute notice without regard to whether they actually impart information. Actual notice is either (a) express, consisting of direct positive knowledge of the fact in question, or (b) implied, consisting of information sufficient to put one on inquiry as to the fact in question. Notice is a broader term than knowledge, which includes only express actual notice. 81 Ala. 140; 79 Me. 195.

Synonyms of Notice

(Announcement), noun

  • bulletin
  • circular
  • communication
  • communique
  • declaration
  • decree
  • denuntiatio
  • disclosure
  • dispatch
  • enlightenment
  • enunciation
  • flier
  • information
  • memorandum
  • mention
  • message
  • news
  • note
  • notification
  • presentation
  • proclamation
  • promulgatio
  • pronouncement
  • publicity
  • release
  • reminder
  • report
  • revelation
  • statement
  • Associated Concepts: legal notice
  • notice of appeal
  • notice of appearance
  • notice of claim
  • notice of motion
  • notice of protest
  • public noticeforeign phrases: Notitia dicitur a noscendo; et notitia non debet claudicare
  • Notice is named from a knowledge being had; and notice ought not to be imperfect

(Give formal warning), verb

  • address a warning to
  • advise
  • apprise
  • communicate
  • convey knowledge to
  • denuntiatio
  • direct attention to
  • disclose
  • divulge
  • entrust with information
  • forewarn
  • formally advise
  • give fair warning
  • give information
  • give warning
  • impart knowledge of
  • impart to
  • inform
  • instruct
  • make a formal proclamation
  • make acquainted with
  • make an announcement
  • make known
  • make mention of
  • make public
  • notify
  • offer a word of caution
  • pass on information
  • promulgatio
  • publish
  • put on one’s guard
  • reveal
  • warn
  • Associated Concepts: notice a deposition
  • notice a hearing

(Heed), noun

  • absorption
  • advertence
  • advertency
  • alertness
  • animadversio
  • attention
  • attentiveness
  • care
  • careful attention
  • carefulness
  • cautel
  • caution
  • cautiousness
  • circumspection
  • cognizance
  • consideration
  • discernment
  • engrossment
  • guard
  • heedfulness
  • mindfulness
  • notatio
  • observance
  • observation
  • recognition
  • regard
  • regardfulness
  • scrutiny
  • surveillance
  • thought
  • vigil
  • vigilance
  • wariness
  • watch
  • watchfulness Associated Concepts: judicial notice foreign phrases: De minimis non curat lex
  • The law is not concerned with trifling matters

(Observe), verb

  • acknowledge
  • animadvertere
  • appreciate
  • ascertain
  • assess
  • attend to
  • be attentive
  • be conscious of
  • become aware of
  • become conscious of
  • behold
  • call attention to
  • cognize
  • comment
  • detect
  • discern
  • discover
  • distinguish
  • elucidate
  • examine closely
  • examine intently
  • give heed to
  • glance at
  • hear
  • heed
  • inspect
  • investigate
  • look
  • look at
  • mark
  • mention
  • notatio
  • note
  • observe
  • occupy oneself with
  • pass under review
  • pay attention
  • perceive
  • pore over
  • realize
  • recognize
  • regard
  • review
  • scrutinize
  • see
  • sight
  • spot
  • take cognizance
  • take into account
  • take into consideration
  • take stock of
  • view
  • watch
  • witness

(Warning), noun

  • admonishment
  • admonition
  • caution
  • caveat
  • comminadon
  • communication
  • counsel
  • dehortation
  • denuntiatio
  • forewarning
  • monition
  • premonishment
  • prenotification
  • ultimatum
  • Associated Concepts: absence efnotice
  • actual notice
  • adequate notice
  • constructive notice
  • due notice
  • explicit notice
  • express notice
  • implied notice
  • imputed notice
  • notice of disallowance
  • notice to appear
  • notice to vacate
  • proper notice
  • reasonable notice
  • requisite notice
  • timely notice
  • verified notice
  • written notice

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English Spanish Translation of Notice

Aviso, notificación

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Meaning of Notice in Spanish

Description/ translation of notice into Spanish: aviso, notificación; notice to appear in court: citación a comparecer; to take judicial notice: apreciar (un tribunal) de oficio; notice to produce: orden de presentación (la que tiene por objeto obtener la presentación o exhibición de un documento u otra prueba); notice of appeal: escrito de apelación; escrito de recurso (el que debe presentar el apelante ante el tribunal competente, indicando los fundamentos del recurso)[1]

Note: for more information on related terms and on the area of law where notice belongs (criminal procedure law), in Spanish, see here.

Notes and References

  1. Translation of Notice published by Antonio Peñaranda


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    Further Reading

    Meaning of Notice in the U.S. Legal System

    Definition of Notice published by the National Association for Court Management: Formal notification to the party that has been sued in a civil case of the fact that the lawsuit has been filed. Also, any form of notification of a legal proceeding.

    Notice in the context of Real Property

    See types of notice: Actual; Constructive; Statutory in this legal Dictionary.

    Notice in the context of Real Property

    See types of notice: Actual; Constructive; Statutory in this legal Dictionary.

    Concept of “Notice, Notitia”

    Traditional meaning of notice, notitia in English (with some legal use of this latin concept in England and the United States in the XIX Century) [1]: (in Latin) 1. Knowledge. 2. A written notification, dated, addressed, and signed by the party or his attorney; see 100 N. C. 225. Actual notice: when a third person has actual knowledge of a fact or transaction affecting his interests; see 151 U. S. 607. Constructive notice: when such an act is done or state of things exists as would put a reasonable man on his inquiry, or where a legalized form of notice [such as record or advertisement] is complied with; in both of which cases, as to the rights of a third party, the legal consequences of actual notice will follow; see 14 Pick. 224.


    Notes and References

    1. Based on A Concise Law Dictionary of Words, Phrases and Maxims, “Notice, Notitia”, Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1911, United States. It is also called the Stimson’s Law dictionary. This term and/or definition may be absolete.

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