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To have as a component part; to contain; to consider with or put into a general category. Occurring in Statutes and in the interpretation clauses of formal documents, generally the word is used to enlarge the meaning of words or phrases occurring in the statute or document. Very generally used in interpretation clauses in order to enlarge the meaning of words or phrases occurring in the body of the statute and, when it is so used, these words or phrases must be construed as comprehending not only such things as they signify according to their natural import , but also those things which the interpretation clause declares that they shall include. But the word include is susceptible of another construction, which may become imperative , if the context of the Act is sufficient to show that it was not merely employed for the purpose of adding to the natural significance of the words or expression defined. Sometimes, however, the word has been interpreted to be a word of limitation thereby restricting the meaning as an exhaustive definition. See, for instance , Schauf v City of New York, 198 N. Y.S.2d 435.

Synonyms of Include


  • absorb
  • adscribere
  • be composed of
  • be formed of
  • be made up of
  • begird
  • boast
  • bound
  • bracket
  • circumscribe
  • classify
  • close in
  • combine
  • compass
  • complecti
  • comprehend
  • comprehendere
  • consist of
  • consolidate
  • contain
  • cover
  • embody
  • embrace
  • encircle
  • encompass
  • engird
  • envelop
  • girdle
  • hold
  • incorporate
  • involve
  • merge
  • put a barrier around
  • span
  • subsume
  • surround
  • take in
  • unify
  • uniteforeign phrases: In eo quodplus sit semper inest et minus
  • The less is always included in the greater
  • Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius
  • The inclusion of one thing is the exclusion of another

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