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Below you will find specific information on in, where you may choose a link from the list to get started. In this label about in : Browse below many IN legal words and phrases for clear definitions written for you. A free and easy guide to the language of IN from the dictionary experts at the Lawi Project.



United States Tax Concept of 1099-INT Form 1099-INT is a statement of interest income sent to you by payers of interest, such as banks and savings institutions. The 1099-INT summarizes your interest income for the year. The 1099-INT is also used to report other tax items related to your [...]

Categories: I and Tax Law. Tags: IN and US Tax Law.

Calling Cards

Calling Cards in Diplomatic LawCalls and Calling CardsCalling has largely disappeared from private life, but it is a practice which is still useful in a diplomatic community where the early establishment of extensive contacts is a must. Soon after a diplomat's arriv...

Categories: C, I, and P. Tags: Administrative units, Admiralty, Boards of Guardians, Boards of health, Borough councils, Boroughs, CA, Cabinet , Catchment boards, Central government, Church districts, City councils, Civil service, Colonial civil service, Community councils, Complaints, Counties, County boroughs, County councils, Crown offices, Customs administration, Defence procurement, Delays, Diplomacy, Diplomatic service, District councils, Districts, e-Government, Exchequer, Executive agencies, Foreign offices, Governance, Government departments, Government Offices for the Regions, Health services administration, Highway boards, Honours system, Housing authorities, Hundreds, IN, Incompetence, Intelligence service, Internal drainage boards, Local authorities, Local boards, Local boards of health, Local government, Local government wards, Maladministration, Metropolitan government, Misdirection, Misinformation, Municipal government, Negligence , Parishes, Pipe Office, Planning authorities, Poor Law boards of guardians , Poor Law union, Privy seal, Procurement, PU, Public service, Public services , Public services reform, Regional assemblies, Regional Development Agencies, Regulation of public bodies, Royal household, Rural councils, Rural sanitary authorities, Sanitary authorities, Seals , Signet , Social welfare administration, State management scheme, Statistical departments, Town councils, Unitary authorities, United Kingdom , Urban sanitary authorities, and War departments.


Legal Definition and Related Resources of Cancer Meaning of Cancer A generic term covering all malignant tumors. Parker v Employers mutual liability insurance Co. of Wisconsin, (Texas) 440 S. W.2d 43. [...]

Categories: C, I, and Public administration. Tags: CA, Dangerous substance, Deterioration of the environment, Environment, Health, Health policy, Illness, IN, Nuisance, Organisation of health care, Provate , Public health, Social Questions, and Working Conditions.


Translate Findings of Fact from English to SpanishTranslation of Findings of Fact , with examples. More about free online translation into Spanish of Decisión sobre cuestión de hecho and other legal terms is available...

Categories: F and I. Tags: FI, IN, and Legal Translation .


(Law Fr. eins). A term used, from a very early period, to. express the nature of a title, or the mode of acquiring an estate, or the ground upon which a seisin U founded. Thus, in Littleton, a tenant is said to be in by lease of his lessor (eins per lease son lessor) , that [...]

Categories: I and Roman Law. Tags: Formato Extenso, IN, and Long Read.

In (or En) Fait

(Law Fr.) In facti In deed. Lord Coke distinguishes matters di record from matters in fait. Co. Litt 380b. ...

Categories: I. Tags: IN.

In Absentia

Note: this term is an adverb. Etimology of In Absentia (You may find in absentia at the world legal encyclopedia and the etimology of more terms). Latin, literally "in (his/her/their) absence" (see absence). By 1831 in English, earlier in legal Latin.

Categories: I. Tags: Etimology and IN.

In Action

A thing is said to be In action when it is not in possession, and for its recovery, the possessor unwilling, an action is necessary. 2 Sharswood, Bl. Comm. 396. See Chose. ...

Categories: I. Tags: IN.

In Adversum

(Law Lat.) Against an adverse, unwilling, or resisting party. A decree not by consent, but m adverswm. 3 Story (U. S.) 318. ...

Categories: I. Tags: IN.

In Aequa

(or AEQUALl) MANU (Law Lat.; Law Fr. en owele mayn). In equal hand; held equally or indifferently between two parties. Where an instrument was deposited by the parties to it in the hands of a third person, to keep on certain conditions, it was said to be held in aequali manu. Reg. Orig. [...]

Categories: I. Tags: IN.

In Aequali Jure Melior Est Conditio Possidentis

When the parties have equal rights, the condition of the possessor is the better. Mitf. Eq. PL 215; Jeremy, Eq. Jur. 285; 1 Madd. Ch. Prac. 170; Dig. 50. 17. 128; Broom, Leg. Max. (3d London Ed.) 634; Plowd. 296. ...

Categories: I. Tags: IN.