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The wilful and unlawful use of force on the person of another. Every battery includes an assault which is merely an unlawful attempt or offer to use force to the injury of another. Mortin v Yeoham, 419 S. W.2d 937. Assault, however, does not include battery. When the assault culminates in a battery, the offense is assault and battery.

Battery Alternative Definition

Any unlawful beating, or other wrongful physical violence or constraint, inflicted on a human being without his consent. 2 Bish. Crim. Law, § 62; 17 Ala. 540; 9 N. H. 491. It includes every touching of another in a rude, angry, or hostile manner. 65 Ala. 520; 53 111. Ill; 67 Ind. 304.

Synonyms of Battery


  • assault
  • attack
  • beating
  • harmful physical contact
  • injurious force
  • offensive action
  • onslaught
  • thrashing
  • unlawful hitting
  • unlawful striking
  • unlawful touching
  • Associated Concepts: assault and battery
  • simple battery

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Assault, Grievous Bodily Harm.

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Battery in the Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims

Latin batuere, to beat. The unlawful beating of another. Any unlawful touching of person of another, either by the agressor or by any person or thing set in motion by him. The least touching of another”s person willfully, or in anger, is a battery. The law cannot draw the line between different degrees of violence, and therefore prohibits the first and lowest stage of it – every man”s person being sacred and no other having a right to meddle with it in the slightest manner. 3 Bl. Com. 120.

Note: This legal definition of Battery in the Dictionary of Law (English and American Jurisprudence) is from 1893.

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Agresión (En D. Penal: lesiones)

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“Assault; assault and battery; technical battery.”

Battery in Law Enforcement

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Battery

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1530s, “action of battering,” in law, “the unlawful beating of another,” from Middle French batterie, from Old French baterie “beating, thrashing, assault” (12c.), from batre “to beat,” from Latin battuere (see batter (verb)). Meaning shifted in Middle French from “bombardment” (“heavy blows” upon city walls or fortresses) to “unit of artillery” (a sense recorded in English from 1550s). Extension to “electrical cell” (1748, first used by Ben Franklin) is perhaps from the artillery sense via notion of “discharges” of electricity. In Middle English, bateri meant only “forged metal ware.” In obsolete baseball jargon battery was the word for “pitcher and catcher” considered as a unit (1867, originally only the pitcher).


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  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Law Enforcement Agency

Further Reading

English Legal System: Battery

In the context of the English law, A Dictionary of Law provides the following legal concept of Battery :

The intentional or reckless application of physical force to someone without his consent. Battery is a form of *trespass to the person and is a *summary offence (punishable with a *fine at level 5 on the standard scale and/or six months’ imprisonment) as well as a tort, even if no actual harm results. If actual harm does result, however, the *consent of the victim may not prevent the act from being criminal, except when the injury is inflicted in the course of properly conducted sports or games (e.g. rugby or boxing) or as a result of reasonable surgical intervention

Compare assault; grievous bodily harm.

Meaning of Battery in the U.S. Legal System

Definition of Battery published by the National Association for Court Management: A beating, or wrongful physical violence. The actual threat to use force is an assault; the use of it is a battery, which usually includes an assault.

Battery is a crime and also the basis for a lawsuit as a civil wrong if there is damage. A battery is, for example, a willful and unlawful use of force or violence.

Battery is a crime and also the basis for a lawsuit as a civil wrong if there is damage. A battery is, for example, a willful and unlawful use of force or violence.


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