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Meaning of Limitation

In the law relating to real property , the limitation clause is the clause in the conveyance , will, etc., whereby the extreme period during which an estate or interest is to continue is specified. Thus, if there is a devise to A for life and then to B absolutely, this is a limitation of a life interest to A and the remainder to B.

Synonyms of Limitation


  • barrier
  • block
  • circumscriptio
  • circumscription
  • clause
  • condition
  • constraint
  • curb
  • demarcation
  • determinatio
  • disallowance
  • prohibition
  • proscription
  • provision
  • qualification
  • reservation
  • restraint
  • restriction
  • specific confinement
  • specific curtailment
  • specification Associated Concepts: alternative limitations
  • collateral limitation
  • conditional limitation
  • contingent limitation
  • conveyance upon a limitation
  • estate upon a limitation
  • executory limitation
  • limitation of actions
  • limitation of damages
  • limitation of liability
  • limitation of time
  • limitation of warranties
  • limitation over
  • public debt limitation
  • special limitation
  • statute of limitations
  • tax limitation
  • words of limitation

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This term is a noun.

Etimology of Limitation

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late 14c., from Old French limitacion “restriction, legal limitation,” and directly from Latin limitationem (nominative limitatio), noun of action from past participle stem of limitare “to bound, limit, fix,” from limes “boundary, limit” (see limit; this term is also a noun.). Phrase statute of limitations is attested by 1768; it fixes and limits the period within which an action must be brought.


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